How much do you think about Jesus?


How much do you guys take the time to think about Christ? I think about Him constantly! There are some times where I’ll forget when I’m doing homework but deep down inside, I’m aware that He’s in my mind. I love to think about Him all the time!:smiley:

I think about Him when I drive, in college, RCIA obviously (don’t forget Mass!), relaxing, sometimes when I do homework, etc.


Oh, well, I’d say at the very very least (if you’ll allow me to group Jesus and God together), I think about Him once every minute or two, somewhere in there. Yeah, so almost all day, really. He really helps me get through sometimes.



i wish i can think of him more often, but been honest with myself i know i often don’t. i know that when things are hard in my life is when i think of him. i only hope he forgive me for that. :blessyou:


I think of Him often throughout the day…when I’m called to Rosary,
I make aspirations frequently…Jesus I Love You, Jesus Mercy, Jesus Meek and Humble of Heart Make My Heart Like Unto Thine…
Chaplet of Dvine Mercy… Whenever I’m suffering, I offer it up uniting whaterver it is I’m troubled by w/ his sufferings on the cross…

He’s almost always on my mind!:smiley:


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