how much does a pastor make annually?


I believe my pastor makes about $20,000 per year.



Depends on many factors–size of congregation, experience, denomination, is a housing allowance separate or is housing provided, is the minister full time, area of the country, economic factors in the community, is the congregation large enough to have more than one (in which case it probably has a senior minister who would make more than the assistant ministers)?


This depends on many factors. I don’t believe you will find an “average”. There are salary only, and then their are combinations of salary plus a residence, car, etc, so it’s hard to compare apples to apples. There are large congregations and small, rural and urban, and so many other factors.

You’ll find everything from the pastors of very small churches who hold full time jobs outside of being a pastor and are only paid a very small amount by the congregation all the way to Joel Olsteen and his ilk who are making millions of dollars from their “ministry”.


I read someplace that Billy Graham advises a pastor should make a salary and live in a home comparable to that of the congregation he serves.

Christianity today, Group (for youth ministers and pastors) and other magazines usually publish salary surveys for pastors and other ministers, probably a good place to start.

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