How Much Does God Love Us?

I truly just want to know how much God really loves us. I always hear “It’s unconditional, he loves you no matter what”, but that’s not enough for me. I’m trying so hard but I can never get a true connection with God. I want to know what kind of love it is. Is it a sort of parental love a parent feels for their children? Is it something else? Please help me answer this.

This is how much He loves us. :o

We are all on a journey in our lives. Knowing and feeling God’s love is something that for some of us is immediate and real and self evident, but for others requires grace and much searching. Through following His ways, listening to His Word and reception of the Sacraments, God will form you to Him. The more you follow His ways, the easier it becomes to know Him and to comprehend the enormous depth of His love for us. He is righteous and just and His love is thus righteous and just, but He has the love of a Father for us, so much so He was willing to go as far as giving everything for us, as MarcoPolo vividly illustrated above. Through the Incarnation, He united Himself to us, so that we might enter into the life of the Holy Trinity and “become like God”.

God loves you enough to call you into existence to start with so you could receive His love.

I think,since you mention “a true connection,” that you may be trying very hard for a “feeling” because that’s usually what we mean when we talk about love, but the Love of God for His children is so much more than that - it is of course more than any of us can ever imagine or conceive of, because He is infinite. Your idea that it is “like” the love parents have for their children is completely scriptural, as is the analogy of the love between lovers (Song of Songs) or the love of a man for his wife, even if she is repeatedly unfaithful (Hosea).

If you can try to recall the complete and unquestioning trust you had in your mother when you were very small (or your father, and obviously this presumes you had a healthy childhood family), you may find there a glimpse of the kind of relationship God wants to have with us. But we can never fully grasp the depths of His love for us - it is part of our Hope, that we rest in Him (Ps. 131).

God’s love is not a pampering love; it’s a perfecting love

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