How much does God want man to discover before He returns?

I believe God approves of man’s advancement in modern technology and science.However it doesn’t cause anyone to believe in Him more IMO.In fact it may even help some people to believe less.There is no telling in how much knowledge man may discover before Jesus comes back.We may be able to set up life on other planets before He returns.What is God’s purpose in allowing man to achieve so much?I mean if heaven is the ultimate goal and our knowledge here on earth won’t really matter ?

“And she blinded me with science!”
-Thomas Dolby

Technology amazes me, but “science” is a scam! From where does technology flow? Surely not from the innate wit of us computer users!

It did help me to believe a lot more. I myself who know about “Our Lady of Guadalupe” and the “Miracle of Lanciano” know that science does prove they are both miracles.

Go to where it says “The Image and Science” and teh following link:

Science and technology can help others to believe in Christ more. But they can also be used to do what is wrong. It all comes up to the point as how it is used. Is not this website (which is on the internet and is part of modern technology) not helping others to believe? Well it certainly has helped me at least.

To answer that, one must ask “Why are we here? What is our purpose?” The answer is that we are God’s children, and God created us to be with him, worship him, see his beauty, goodness, love.

It is our purpose, every person’s purpose that in everything we do, we give glory to God. To the extent that technology and knowledge help us to better appreciate God, or to give him glory, it is good. Wisdom, chapter 13.

To the extent that knowledge makes us prideful, or arrogant, or leads us believe that we don’t need God - it is bad.

We have at least one “Catholic Theologian” on this board who seems to think that everything has been (or soon will be) “known” by science, and that all things theological must somehow conform to what science tells us is true.

I’m an applied scientist, and I know, as a fact, that much of what science teaches today will be wrong tomorrow. Revealed truth does not change. Science truth does.

There is no science test, or general knowledge test which requires passing in order to get to Heaven. In any case, we can never understand “reality” correctly - i.e. as God understands our reality. The good news is that it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

I’m sure that GOD wants us to use our minds in every way possible. Our mind, after all, is one of our spiritual faculties, and we will use it in Eternity.

It’s only when we focus our mind on our own wants, feelings or opinions that we potentially run into trouble. Using it on GOD’s physical world is IMO what we are made for.


thanks for the link.

No human being, other than Jesus Christ, can fathom the mind of God. therefore, there is simply no way to answer the question you have asked. directly.

However, I WOULD answer it this way. God created us with an insatiable curiosity, and the determination to figure out how things work, better ways to accomplish things, etc. He would NOT have given us those qualities, had he not expected us to utilize them.

Therefore, I believe that to NOT learn, explore and figure out the answers to what makes things tick would be to deny our God given nature.

He will end our time on earth in HIS good time. No human being knows, or can figure out, what the schedule of Gd is. that is clearly, and very baldly, stated in the Bible. We may have 10 more seconds, or we may have 10 Billion more years. We don’t know, and we CAN’T know!

I agree with what you said. But I would also add that the curiosity of which you speak is actually a desire to find God. All our desires, the desire to find beauty, truth, love, even pleasure, is a desire to find God. If we choose to “not allow God” as the answer to those desires, and we put in his place money, glory/fame, hedonism, etc. then these insatiable desires cannot be fulfilled. This is why so many keep seeking and seeking, and are never satisfied. A quest for knowledge such that we can help our brothers and sisters is good. A quest for knowledge for it’s own sake, or for the sake of our own glory is not good.

Gathering knowledge for it’s own sake is good; it’s what our mind is made for. Eyes see; limbs move; minds know.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

Unless the knowledge is used to glorify God, your’re not using the knowledge for its intended purpose. And you are not acceding to your own intended purpose. IMHO.

We will just have to agree to disagree. I firmly believe that there must be more in our life than struggling to survive and worrying about our soul.

Knowledge doesn’t need to relate directly to worshipping GOD to be valid. And acquiring it is what minds are all about.


In the end, there are 2 things. Heaven and Hell. Our souls are eternal.

There is nothing more important in our lives than worrying about our souls. Our souls were created for Heaven.

For the last 2-3 weeks, the daily Mass readings (the Gospels in particular) have been about the Kingdom of God. How we must store up treasure in Heaven, and not on Earth. How we must give up everything for the Kingdom. How earthly things rust and corrode (i.e. they don’t last), and how things of Heaven do last.

Knowledge for its own sake is knowledge that is “corroded.” Sitting in the closet, gathering dust, rusting. And quite often inflating the pride of those who have gathered so much of it (I’m not talking about you, I’ve seen that here in other posters).

Think about it some more. Read Wisdom 13 (which is related in a way).

Knowledge is not God. Minds are not God.

IMO He may care less about how much mankind discovers, but is waiting for a few individual men to become interesting.

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