How much does the Media contribute to Tearing people away from the Church?


The new independent individualists are free to create their own values and interpretation of Wants versus Needs for their life’s direction. Naturally, the human brain “wants” to be pleasured. Why are citizens more likely to allow their life’s direction to be guided by their basic instincts to pleasure the brain, or, what feels good? When did so many people’s Free Will become so weak? People whose Free Will is 51% stronger than their desire for brain pleasure are strong enough to avoid addictions. It seems anyone with a middle income could afford to be addicted to sex, porn, drugs, food, gambling, etc. and need treatment for it. The 7 deadly sins would be preventative, but for those who have placed Self at the center of their individual universe instead of God, the self only Knows and seeks brain pleasure for Self, like a child. Of course, anyone who grew up in a loving home REMEMBERS what it was like to have mom and dad Love them, pay for everything, take responsibility for their general welfare, etc. SO it’s only natural for us, as adults, to want to go back to that place again, and REMAIN there. The desire for brain pleasure for Self seems to be one of the central paradoxes of developed societies: the easier and more fun a child has while growing up, the less likely they will want to part with these brain pleasures to sacrifice for the next generation. This seems to be why marriage and birthrates are declining throughout Europe and the U.S. Marriage, commitment to others, raising kids, etc. is too much of a Sacrifice for those whose desire for brain pleasure guides 51% of the direction of their lives while Free Will is a minor 49% (acting like a child). The few number of people who are taking steps to combat this trend is surprising. The slow death of their cultures is occurring right before their eyes. Europe has so much important history. What a shame.

The degree of freedom to pleasure one’s brain, I feel, is one of the central distinctions between individual political viewpoints. Lower moral standards allow more brain pleasure via the Vices, but this takes us farther away from True, Romantic Love and the Church.

If one chronically chooses a life of selfish indulgence of the basic instincts, one will walk around like a person with a teaspoon and a sugar bowl: dipping the teaspoon into the sugar bowl frequently, taking a sweet lick that doesn’t last, constantly searching for the next temporary high via sex, drugs, excess materialism, extreme vanity, gambling, food, pursuit of trying to invent something artificially different for the few seconds of shallow amusement it provides, to no long term satisfaction. Once the temporary high wears off, the search for the next high continues indefinitely.

If one chooses to give one’s life to the Church’s way of sacrificial, true love for spouse and kids, one can experience the True love that makes one’s heart sing and will rock you to the depths of your bones. Deep, romantic, sacrificial, True Love via God’s Covenant for man and woman is The Way, The Truth, and The Life that BOTH man and woman will eventually need to commit to if they desire long term success.

So, is it the media who has changed culture’s perception and values from True, Romantic, Sacrificial Love into selfish basic instinctual desire to pleasure the brain? Pop culture media is omnipresent across all strata of society.


The media can only confuse Catholics if Catholics have not done their own jobs.
Each Catholic must do his/her best to know their faith.

Read a Catholic Bible, and read from cover to cover the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” revised and in accordance with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II, and first printed in the US in March of 2000.

Beware: The reason that I say cover to cover regarding this Catechism is because too many people take things out of context to suit themselves, or twist things for their own personal beliefs.
Nothing should be taken out of context.

If Catholics knew their faith the way they should, no one could confuse them, and they would be in a better position to respond to untruths.


It runs in cycles, doesn’t it.

Read “How the Irish Saved Civilization”.

The media tends to be “staffed” by people with no tangible skills. [Basically, people who can’t change a lightbulb or paint a door.]

But they are good at using words, twisting words. Thinking themselves very clever.

So, when facing something … just to pick one thing … the Shroud of Turin … for example, they choose to say well the carbon 14 dating shows it dates to the middle ages. Of course, they don’t know anything about carbon 14 dating. And they choose to ignore all of the other bits of evidence and history. And they choose to even ignore logic: "if the shroud was fake, then sit right down now and make an exact duplicate; exact in EVERY technical detail, so as to be indistinguishable from the original. And what is their reaction when challenged? Anger. More word twisting.

Then there are the outside influences on peoples’ behavior. Things that they can’t control: Taxes, for example. If taxes are high enough, then it makes having children very difficult. Especially when “life’s little pleasures” are comparatively cheap and access to them is comparatively easy.

There are a lot of “disincentives” to having children in the U.S. and in Europe. You read about it all the time: someone swats a disobedient child on the backside and the next thing the police and child social services are there and you are under arrest and bankrupted by lawyers fees. Or someone has a daycare class at home and gets arrested for molesting the children with knives; only it is revealed later that the prosecutor has browbeaten the children into making false statements. The media accentuates the charges which are proven to be false.

These and many other events … occurrences … the media chip away at the authority of parents. Make something difficult more difficult. The publicity by the media of the media exaggerated-perceived difficulties compounds.

Parenthood received less and less support. People with large families are given public “criticism” [wrong word] instead of being given verbal support. Small families are good, it is suggested to us. The media state: Children cost a million dollars each to raise, it is suggested [or whatever the number is]. You have to have a million dollars to send them to top colleges [where they will major in alcoholism, sexual practices, and Marxism]

The media state: Women enter careers instead of entering motherhood. The media state: women only want equal treatment, equal access to the top jobs, being taken seriously. Overlooking that that is exactly what men also want. Overlooking that women should have those things, but men never get them either. But the women delay marriage and motherhood in pursuit of the Marxist dream: work.

So women pursue equality, overlooking that men would dearly love equality as well. Men accept that they will have to settle for something less than equality; women won’t accept that. You RARELY see women competing for the job of being the top roof tarer.

So, the incipient mothers defer motherhood; with “the Pill”, they need not be concerned about the inconveniences of motherhood and can devote all their energy to: work.

The media overlook things such as: Men, meanwhile, have to not only compete on the job with other men but they also have to compete with women. And men have to stay in the job market; women have the alternate outcome of eventually having children. But smaller numbers of children. And while the men, now with the obligation of supporting a family, perhaps were defeated for advancement by competition from women, find that the door to higher positions have been closed to them. So the men are stuck in lower paying jobs, still competing with women, but not able to properly support their families.

I was reading this past week, that an engineering magazine had been seeking nominations for the top 100 engineering leaders. Not one single woman had been nominated. Horrors. So the editors picked a few woman engineers. Except that everyone of the editor-selected engineers had actually left the engineering field and were working outside of it. The problem with being a leader is that you get shot in the back a lot. What is interesting is that the editors did not look for industries were women were represented in large numbers, did well financially, and had developed leadership positions. Politics and law, to name two.

So, here we have a mish-mosh of ideas.

The media are ignoring something very interesting: the interesting thing is that right now the 9-12 and Tea Party Movements have LARGE numbers of women in leadership positions. And that phenomenon carries with it hope for the future.

You may not appreciate my commentary, but you did ask. As I once told opposing council: I am not required to provide answers that make you happy.


The American media seems to be very Christian friendly to me. Any time Christmas or Easter comes around, news channels will do specials about Jesus/Christianity, and they won't be specials saying "this religion is false", but always it's assumed Jesus existed.

Maybe the media harms conservative religion, but not religion in general. Belief in God, spirituality and all that generally is portrayed positively in media.


Interesting and relevant article:

“More abortion doctors have been murdered on ‘Law & Order’ than in real life”

The media creates perceptions that are not actually real.

How many times have you gotten into a discussion around the water cooler only to have someone state that the movie or tv show was “based on fact”, when in fact, it was not based on fact (except for the names of one or two of the people involved).


The media speaks against the church and mocks religion constantly.

Yes, there are religious specials, but the Atheists are constantly trying to get God off the air, not wanting celebrations/parties in schools, and say they are being discriminated against because there is no holiday for Atheists.


Because a women delays motherhood for a career…she is “Marxist”? Really?

If a man delays fatherhood…what is he???

Women don’t have the obligation to support their family? Is making a batch of ginger snaps and a pot roast her only contributions? Really?

Women who have careers are on the pill? Really?

I think you give the media too much credit.

The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them.


Please note: I wrote that I am not obligated to provide answers that make you happy.

ONLY women are able to have babies. That automatically places women in a special class.

Please read what I actually wrote.

I did not say that women who have careers are on the pill.

The Pill does, however, allow women to separate the uniqueness of their lives as sacred vessels that can bear children … to separate that from the drone-ness of the work place. Yes, yes, yes, working sounds so “liberating”, but after a while the excitement wears off and the reality sets in that the women are being used as drones and at the same time the energy they might have focused on preparation for marriage and motherhood is being taken away from them.

"Women don’t have the obligation to support their family? " I noticed that the question is not “WIVES don’t have the obligation to support their family?”

The husband/father has the primary obligation to support their family. Day care is not a good substitute for a stay-at-home mom.

Sure, there are exceptions, but the primary obligation for family support is with the father.

Some women are infertile for whatever reason. Some men are sterile. Some women are widows or their husbands may ill. There are exceptions to everything.

“If a man delays fatherhood…what is he???” .

I noticed that the question is not: “If a HUSBAND delays fatherhood.”

I notice that both of these questions seem to deny the role of husband and wife but instead use the words “woman” and “man”.

Is he married? Then he should not be put in the position of delaying fatherhood. What if he is in a military career? Should a man marry knowing he isn’t making enough money to support a family? Should a man marry knowing he is away quite literally all the time? Or should he wait until his life settles down and he can be present for his family.

Legitimate issues, but deny the primacy of husband and wife [and family] and focus instead on the indeterminate “man” and “woman”.

I am not required to provide answers that make you happy.


I work…I enjoy it. I went to work back in the day…so my husband and I could buy a house. Not a mansion…a house. A little brick ranch for $65K back in '86. Should we still be renting a 12 x 60 double wide in a questionable neighborhood in the name of me staying home? I made $4.00 /hr back then and it was enough to get the house…and oh…yeah…I worked in a daycare for the Catholic School. Hope that doesn’t make you unhappy…that your own Church is participating in daycare. You see…in order to “afford” Catholic School…mom has work too. :wink:


[just asking: are you this angry and this sarcastic at home?]


Just found this on another thread here at CAF.

How the media [the NYTimes in this case] is misrepresenting the Pope Benedict XVI’s actions as a bishop/cardinal regarding a priest’s misconduct.

The vast majority of laypeople do not understand what really went on and are scandalized by it and these kinds of articles in the media contribute to tearing people away from the Church.

Anyway, read the article as well as the comments. Very interesting. And on topic.


[quote="Monte_RCMS, post:10, topic:198597"]
[just asking: are you this angry and this sarcastic at home?]


Sarcasm...just another service I offer. ;) Not worth my time. Just pointing out that some of your absolutes....aren't absolute and they don't work in the real world as it exists now. Is it If a family can "afford" for mom to stay home...or dad for that matter....I'm all for it. It just isn't for everyone.

I think motherhood is the best thing that has every happened in my life. The toughest job you'll ever love. For my children, I stepped up to the plate so they could each have their own bedroom (a girl and a boy)....and a yard for a place to play. Going to work was a no brainer for me. I had my children with me all the time.....and I had the privilege and trust of over 100 other parents to care for their child/ren/ before and after school at the Catholic School. I paid "full" tuition so my children could go to Catholic school.


We always aspired to a double wide. But it was always too expensive for us. Too upscale. Maybe in our next lives.


I'm really surprised that women have not banded together to stop patronizing pop culture media. Kids channels show 14 year old girls showing cleavage. Women are portrayed as sex objects. Sex and drugs are sensationalized in almost all other media. We are exposed to this 5 hours per day. Then, some women think men just want sex and are upset when their man has a wandering eye. Try waving a piece of chocolate cake for 5 hours per day in the face of someone on a diet, then you can act surprised when they give in to temptation after you helped to fund the waving of the chocolate cake in their face. Why are so many people patronizing it and acting defenseless??? It's ruining lives, relationships, and and families by reducing us to act on our basic instincts.

Statistics show that women are the primary spenders in a household. Several moms I've spoken with act like they can't do anything about it. Bull. Young moms, start 'em early. Minimize pop culture media. We barely watch TV anymore and found it much less tempting to go astray.

I'm not blaming this on women. Some of us men just need to grow up once we reach adulthood. I'm just surprised that women haven't realized just how powerful you can be to enact change in this regard. I'm starting to think that the creation of tension between the genders is a conspiracy toward the goal of achieving population control and "saving the earth." How sad, if true.


I have seen example after example of women “stealing” other womens’ husbands. No problem for them.

The worst enemy of women is other women.


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