How much food eaten is considered gluttony?

I was just wondering, because when my mom cuts up a watermelon or washes fruits like blueberries and grapes, I tend to eat all of it!

Or does gluttony happen when you are around other people and eat a lot of food?


I need ‘food for my thoughts’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Gluttony is excessive consumption of food, especially when eating becomes something people do in place of other activities. For example, eating when feeling bored or depressed, rather than actually being hungry. Extra food between meals (other than a small snack), an extra portion of dinner because it tastes good even though one is no longer hungry, etc.

Gluttony also depends on the amount of physical activity that one gets. If someone doesn’t exercise, they aren’t going to need a lot of food to sustain themselves and it’s easy to eat more than one needs to and to slowly pack on extra weight. But if someone is an athlete, especially a tall athlete, that person is going to need those extra Calories. Exercise is important.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

GLUTTONY. Inordinate desire for the pleasure connected with food or drink. This desire may become sinful in various ways: by eating or drinking far more than a person needs to maintain bodily strength; by glutting one’s taste for certain kinds of food with known detriment to health; by indulging the appetite for exquisite food or drink, especially when these are beyond one’s ability to afford a luxurious diet; by eating or drinking too avidly, i.e., ravenously; by consuming alcoholic beverages to the point of losing full control of one’s reasoning powers. Intoxication that ends in complete loss of reason is a mortal sin if brought on without justification, e.g., for medical reasons. (Etym. Latin glutire, to devour.)

Watermelon and grapes and blueberries are all very good for you, and don’t last long once cut up or washed. I say eat all you want, just don’t overstuff yourself and watch you don’t get diarrhea. Also save some for the rest of your family, and make sure you get some protein in your diet too.

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