How much freedom do religious priests have?

Just wondering . . .

Depends on the type of order (monastic, medicant, canon regular or clerics regular) and the type of spirituality of the Order itself. It can range from a good amount of relative freedom all the way to be completley silent most of the time. You need to be more specific, my friend! :smiley:

I was just thinking…if I were a priest it wouldn’t be good to worry about freedom. Wasn’t St. Paul a slave of Christ Jesus? Don’t you give your life for the WORD??? It isn’t easy, I know. I’m just guessing… and thanking God every day for men who are called and answer the call for ME, a sinner!

Could you be more specific? Not sure if by freedom you mean in context of church teaching or in a priest’s personal life.

As much as his superior grants him :smiley:

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