How much has watching EWTN influenced your Catholic point of view?


I don’t get EWTN where I live. I have watched some Coming Home programs on youtube and a little of Mother Angelica.
It’s good but not sure I embrace fully the conservative style of presentation. I get the impression that EWTN has shaped many Americans. Their Catholic view. Are there alternative Catholic channels on the horizon?


Do you mean politically conservative or minimalist aesthetically?


I don’t watch EWTN to have my views shaped. I like the old videos of Mother Angelica but she reminds me so much of my mom (same age and my mom liked her) that I’m used to the view. Other than that I mostly just watch prayers, Masses, documentaries on the saints, and when they put the Pope on to give blessings or speak.
If they are having conservative discussions on there I probably missed it. I remember Mother Angelina blasted some bishop who was minimizing the Blessed Sacrament once. He deserved it.


I am American and EWTN has definitely been my guiding light. My parents did not teach me the faith, so EWTN and Mother Angelica in particular, were my only means of formation in my childhood and teen years. I am eternally grateful and am a monthly donor supporter because somewhere out there are young people as I once was, longing for spiritual guidance, and unfortunately the TV may be the only source for them,too.


Is Pope Francis featured much on EWTN? I would label him progressive, though some don’t like labels I think it important to differentiate approaches. My feeling is that Pope Benedict’s style would be more suited on EWTN. Am I right?


I remember watching a Mother A. harangue against the Centering Prayer/Contemplative group. That kind of stayed in my mind that EWTN must be more conservative than progressive.

Has Thomas Keating or Laurence Freeman been interviewed on EWTN for instance?


They have really stepped up with their news coverage recently. I don’t watch with regularity but find it one of the better Catholic outlets when I do.


I commented in another thread that Mother Angelica is the one who started me on my journey back to the Church. I still watch the reruns. Current shows I never miss are Father Spitzers Universe and Scripture and Tradition with Fr Mitch Pacwa.


EWTN was instrumental to my conversion. I even watch some of the children’s programming on various saints, sacramentals, etc. I’ve watched the Masses, especially anything live with the Pope. Their evening news is also informative. So yes, it has influenced my Catholic point of view, as I didn’t have one prior! The content is more important to me than the format.


EWTN’s purpose is to share the Catholic Church. They cover the important Live events/Pope Francis. Has nothing to do with his perceived style.


I’ve seen him a few times. Strikes me as very knowledgeable but kind of rigid. Just my impression.


Oh Ok. I’ve not seen any programs or news they do on any Popes. So they don’t favour one Pope over another? That’s encouraging to hear.


The LIVE events with the Pope are wonderful. Watch for any trips or special public Masses, such as Christmas Midnight Mass, Easter, etc.


Have you watched the second half when he takes questions? He lightens up and shows more warmth and humor than when he’s sitting at the desk explaining scripture.


It is possible I have been too harsh on the guy. Thanks.


i enjoy EWTN

i’ve donated money to EWTN

but to be as honest as i can be; EWTN’s programing has seem to’ve gone stale & frankly is a little bit boring

just one idiot’s opinion


It’s interesting how Mother Angelica, who by her own statement was never interested in marriage or kids of her own because her own homelife had been so dysfunctional, ended up being the spiritual mother to a whole bunch of people.


The Live events with the Pope are great and you can get the indulgence for his Urbi et Orbi blessing by watching it live on TV (has to be live).
My only complaint is sometimes the commentators just keep talking over stuff going on and I don’t really need or want to hear them unless perhaps they are translating a Pope speech into English for us.


I like some of the content on EWTN, but not all of it. I don’t watch World Over anymore, some of the coverage seems anti-Francis. I don’t expect things like that on EWTN.

I love Fr. Mitch and Fr. Spitzer. I watch Journey Home and Women of Grace.


Prayer isn’t “progressive” or “conservative”, it’s just prayer. People of Mother Angelica’s age tended to look askance at a lot of the new and unusual prayer forms that showed up around the late 60s and early 70s, and perhaps for good reason as there were various misuses and abuses and just generally way-out stuff going on with the form. If I want to do Centering Prayer, there is a Norbertine abbey a couple towns over that hosts it every week, and I trust the brothers (most of whom are older men) to guide the prayer in the right way. I would be a lot more wary of a “Centering Prayer” group that just popped up at some local parish.

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