How much is your TV ON ?

TO go along with the other poll how many hours is your TV on.

There is a big gap between 4-14 hours, though… We don’t get cable, and we don’t watch tv shows. We do watch a movie occasionally, though. We like Indian movies (no profanity or sex, positive on family values…) which tend to be at least three hours in length, and we usually watch them split into a couple of segments. We watch maybe 4-5 hours a week. Certainly quite a bit less than 14!

My TV is on around 5 hours a week. A lot of times it is just background noise but I do enjoy watching certain programs on tv every week. I am glad to say that tv does not cause me to postpone or rearrange other parts of my life. I feel sorry for those that it does.

We broke the TV habit years ago. I used to give it up every year at Lent and it gradually stuck. Then, when I was having my children, my ob/gyn was an Orthodox Jew with lots of kids. He told me that he had a VCR only and that his kids watched only tapes. For many, many years we watched absolutely no TV at all. We’ve slipped a bit but to this day, my children have NEVER seen the major broadcast networks, i.e., CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. When they were young, they watched tapes only. Now that they are “big kids”, they are allowed to watch Cartoon Network. That is the ONLY channel that they have seen.

We watch Fox News Channel, Turner Classic Movies (the kids are allowed to watch that with us) and an occasional movie on HBO, i.e., My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which except for the 2 bed scenes which were totally unnecessary, are fine for the whole family. Most of HBO is absolute garbage, though.

We do, I confess, watch football as much as we can. (That’s why we get cable…everyone has their vice, I guess.) We missed the Janet Jackson fiasco by the grace of God because I had switched to EWTN rather than subject us to the half-time show.

I really didn’t want to cast a vote because it often on and not being watched.

I think an interestng poll might be: what type programming do you watch?

Before taking a hard look at myself and coming back to faith (thank you Lord), I used to spend my saturday nights watching Howard Stern. Now, I can’t seem to get enough EWTN. How’s that for a 180? I may not chuckle as much but my level of true Joy has increase a million fold. :slight_smile:

We are extremely selective about what comes into our home. The children’s TV viewing is closely monitored and we don’t let them watch a movie we haven’t seen first. There is a big jump between 4-14. We generally watch less than 10hrs including after the kids are in bed.

It’s on too much, but we also monitor what is on. The kids generally get to watch approved videos and taped programs rather than live TV. That way, we edit out the commercials.

Of course, I watch EWTN whenever I get the chance. :thumbsup:

Got rid of it 5 years ago. :o)

I watch a little less television now that I have Catholic Answers Forum to educate and entertain me :slight_smile: When I do watch TV it is mostly documentaries (History & Discovery Channel) that I enjoy.

I put between 4 and 14 because it would be basically the same and 1-2 hours on an average day


Ok…I admit it. I’m addicted to a couple reality tv shows…Survivor and Amazing Race. During these seasons, our tv is on a little more. My husband watches EWTN and outdoor channel quite a bit. The kids get some time too…With all of us, it adds up!


My TV is on about 16 hours a day. most of the time w/ the exception of Fox News @5am - noon and 6pm.:slight_smile:

I certainly didnt buy a Tv to look at my reflection in the screen whilst in off mode. I leave it on…A LOT…its the CONTENT, not the amount of time one has it on that counts. :wink:

I responded with a high number cause it’s on even when we’re not home sometimes. I leave it on for the dogs if I’m going to be gone more than a couple of hours. I would guess that we watch between 4-14, but it’s on about twice that many hours!

We gave up TV for lent a couple of times, we tried giving it up one week a month, having TV tickets to keep it from being on(we do not have cable and have only let our children watch PBS)---------then we turned it off—what a blessing. Kids are more creative, reading, playing, ect. Now the TV is for when we are sick or the occasional movie–we were going to have friday movie night, but no one even cares about that either.

I put 4-14 though because I watch about an hour after the kids go to bed!!! To tired to read by then.

I think moderation is the key if you choose to have it on, there is so many other things that could be done, playing a game or reading with the kids, scripture study, family rosary, visiting grandma, ect. Life is short don’t waste it on the tube.

God bless,

I put 4-14 because it varies. When I’m teaching I don’t have much time to watch t.v. When I do watch t.v., it’s usually EWTN, a news channel, or HGTV.

I’m not addicted to shows like I was when I was younger. When Our Lady warned about immoral t.v. programs in Medjugorje, I gave up the three daily soaps I used to watch and used that time to take up the rosary instead. It was time better spent!

It’s on constantly, except during Rosary time or Scripture reading. (usually on TVland or The Hallmark channel. Wholesome background noise :wink: )

I watched a lot of tv as a kid. When in my late 20’s I stopped owning a tv as an experiment and haven’t gone back to watching since. I am in my mid 40’s.

I do watch a movie now and then, but only on a rainy day when there’s nothing else going on.

My family told me that if I gave up tv I would someday feel like something was missing from my life! Ha, I guess that’s true if you want to say that not having a clue what “reality tv is” is missing something.

I can’t imagine watching tv now, in fact when I am at friends who have the tv on, I find that I really don’t know how to watch, and many of the commercials and references to “famous” people are totally lost on me.

There still isn’t enough time in the day to do the things I like to do, like play music, and read. I can’t imagine losing any time to the tube, although I have given some thought to how it might be nice to watch EWTN…

i chose the 35 hr option b/c really, I have no idea. We watch EWTN almost nonstop, as well as FoxNews, an occasional Star Trek TNG or DS9 rerun, and my dh loves old Gunsmoke episodes. Sometimes we watch the cooking channel or TechTV. shrug I should turn it off more, though – my little boys’ behaviour improves when it’s off.

[quote=darcee]TO go along with the other poll how many hours is your TV on.

darcee, i think a better question might be "how much are you on the internet!! :slight_smile: we’d all probably be embarassed to answer that one

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