How much Mass can you miss before you miss Mass?


:shrug: How much Mass can you miss before you miss Mass?

I have been a parishioner in this church for not quite a year and a few things I have to say bother me, which I would like to discuss.

I am a usual attendee of Mass at Saturday at 5pm; I tend to arrive by 4:45 or so. I enter the church, speak to a friends who is an Usher, take my seat, and say a few prayers. When Mass starts at 5pm, I am amazed at how many people come to church late, not a minute or two like when the priest is walking up the isle, but after the first song, prayer, 1st reading, second reading, and after the Deacon does the Gospel. How much Mass can you miss before you miss Mass???

Before every Mass our Cantor reads a short paragraph about how it’s our tradition to worship until the final song is sung, I wish that was actually the case. Week after week I see dozens and dozens of people who leave Mass, right after they get Holy Communion, again I ask How much Mass can you miss before you miss Mass ??? Maybe they are the same people who missed the announcements because they were late arriving at Church?

Growing up I remember getting dressed for Church every Sunday, I remember coming out of my bedroom, my mother looked me and my brother up and down and on occasion would tell us to find something else to wear to church, usually when we looked like we were going to high school football game or dance. I am amazed at how some people dress for church, Michael Jordon Jerseys, flips flops, and dresses that leave little to the imagination.

I don’t want this to come off as negative, because all I am really asking for is that you show up for church on time, wearing respectful clothes, and wait until the mass is truly over before you leave… That’s all.


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