How much meat should we NOT eat?


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During lent, we are supposed to not eat meat, but a good question to ask, “Should we be absent from 100%?” I ask this because for one of my breakfasts I ate some rice with chicken soup. Now the thing is that this chick soup is a pot of chicken with some soup in it. What we did is just removed the visible pieces of chicken, but I know that there is some chicken, small and maybe invisible to the naked eye. So have I been sinning or not abiding by the absent from meat rule?


I was reading that today. On Fridays during Lent you should not eat meat at all. That’s what this book Catholic Replies vol 1 said.


I just got into this the other day with my friend, and learned that there seem to be differening opinions between sources. However, she asked her mom (who really knows this stuff), and she said that we are to abstain from meat and anything that comes from the meat (broth, fat, etc.). She also said that milk and eggs are ok.



in the guidelines published in our diocesan newsletter it says on days of abstinence no flesh meat may be eaten, that is defined as meat as flesch from mammals and fowl, but fish is alright. The definition of what constitutes flesh is local custom. However condiments made from animal products are acceptable including broth, gravy, butter, lard etc., soup or broth made from meat or fowl is acceptable as long as meat is not the “substantial” part of the soup, meaning small bits or shreds of meat would be acceptable if the majority of the soup was the liquid, other ingrediants, (vegetables, noodles etc.).

the bishop’s sermon I have heard on a couple of occassion focuses on the spirit, not the letter of the law and reminds us that this is about freely giving up something good for penance and for the good of our souls, and for awareness of the needs of those who must go without adequate food. If the mentality becomes “how much can I get away with” then the penitential aspect is lost, the deed is not done for love of Christ, and actually becomes spiritually harmful rather than helpful.


What she said.

Discussions like this remind me of the old illustration that I’ve heard a number of Protestant preachers use in my former life.

A wealthy nobleman was hiring a new driver for his carriage. The road to his estate went along the side of a hill, with a rock wall on one side and a steep dropoff on the other. As he was interviewing candidates, he would ask them, “How close can you drive to the dropoff without fear of going over the edge?” One answered, “Three feet.” Another answered, “One foot.” One answered, “Six inches.” Finally one candidate said, “Oh, I would stay as far away from the edge as I can get.”

He got the job.



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