How much of a sin is this?

to say something even though you were intending to say something else. or someone misunderstanding what you mean when you say something.

i’ll give an example

I baked muffins for a bake sale at church today. I kept three aside for an older lady whom I’m friends with to give to. my dad had helped me with the muffins and he sort of changed the recipe a bit in a couple of the batches. I had tried one from one batch and wanted to try one of the other ones to see what the difference was. so I took one of the ones I was going to give away and was just nibbling. my dad saw me and asked me if I was taking a bite because he thought I was still giving it away which I answered no. in my mind, I meant to say no I wasn’t giving that one away anymore because I wanted to try it instead but I realized it came out as no, I’m not taking a bite, which was untrue… I did clarify quickly after.

this sort of thing happens all the time, i’ll say things even though in my head, I’m intending to say something else or the answers I give get misunderstood and the other believes I said something different then what I did.

am I falling in to the category of lying? or are they just misunderstandings and scrupulosity? I don’t know if I have keep going to confession every time this happens

It isn’t a sin. It is a misquote. You didn’t clearly define your action. you weren’t lying. Good grief the list of sins would multiply so high, God would have a stroke. God is a spirit and doesn’t have strokes= joke.
in Christs love tweedlealice

It sounds to me like scrupulosity. Maybe discussing your thoughts on this with your confessor and following his advice would be helpful to you.


I would second this! It is obvious from your previous posts that this line of thinking is ruining and running your life, which is not what God wants for you.

Please speak with a priest or spiritual director soon.

Yes, scrupulosity. Think of the time spent worrying about this when you could have been enjoying all the blessings God has given you. Definitely see your confessor.

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