How much power and influence does Criss Angel upon modern belief?

Given all the media attention he has garnered and his new show Mindfreak, I was surprised that the name of this troubling person hasn’t even been mentioned yet on CAF at all! I’ve heard about his show and read about the different episodes on Wikipedia (one of Wikipedia’s few reliable functions), and I was shocked by the contents. Not only does he do the panoply of the impossible: setting himself on fire; resting on a bed of few nails while being driven over by an SUV; and of course making random people on the street levitate, but…, he also appears to be the denomic, devil-worshipping type, with his picture featuring long-black hair, darkness, and blazes of fire in the background.

Given his resume and impossible feats he’s pulled on his show, what are everyone’s thoughts on him? To make matters more interesting, the setting of most of the shows is based in Las Vegas – the free-sinning capital of the world. One episode even claims to reveal the secret to getting whatever you could want: sex, riches, and power. This is perhaps the bluntest of ways to reveal the values of Criss Angel, but they are the popular – if latent – values of modern society nonetheless.

My two greatest concerns: first, how right is it to have such people given so much air-time, and the second, more vain concern: could the power of prayer resist the powers of such a person, cause I have to admit I’m a little creeped-out, if not afraid, of this magician.

he’s just a slight of hand man. nothing more or less.

you can put a dracula cape and mascara on a twinkie…

it’s still a twinkie.

and his tricks aren’t that good. in my opinion. he’s too narcisistic to be entertaining. i find him very dull to watch.

remember the trick where he pulled the woman in half in the park??


disappearing on the table in vegas?

all just smoke and mirrors. he’s nothing more than the next david blane with mascara. when his 15 minutes are up, their will be another mainstream (copperfield) to replace him.

I would like to know about David Blaine. I have heard of him but I’ve seen very little. I’ve heard he’s less “evil” in appearance and overall feel than Criss Angel and makes it more apparent that he is merely a sleight of hand performer rather than an actual magician with “powers”.

I think that he uses cheap parlor tricks for entertainment, mind freak oooh, yeah right. What i don’t like the fact that he uses crosses and thentries to imply power to himself, when there is no power that he has at all. I once saw a video of him “walking” on water in a pool. Yeah, I know there was some way he pulled it off to do that. Oh and for effects so no one would think that he was walking on something, a girl swam underneath him. Yeah, you’re not Jesus so stop trying.

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