How much prayer do you need?

“Each Christian needs half an hour of prayer each day, except when we are busy; then we need an hour.”

St Francis De Sales

Mother Teresa had her sisters praying a half hour before the blessed sacrament each day besides doing their scheduled work and other prayers.

She was considering increasing their prayer before the blessed sacrament to an hour, but she thought that if she did this then it might effect their other work. So she decided to try doing this for a short while to see what would be the result. And she discovered that by increasing the prayer before the blessed sacrament they were able to do their work even better.

How is your prayer life doing?

Peace and All Good!

Sometimes I feel like scrawling that quote from St Francis de Sales all over my walls, it’s very true & I’ve also found that I can work more effectively when my prayer increases, but the temptation is always there to make excuses & say, I really need to get this or that done urgently, God will understand if I shave a teeny bit from my prayer.

Thank you for your post & poll, a much needed nudge in the right direction!


I always need to pray more, I wish that my life could be a prayer.

Currently, half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night.

Also, the EWTN Rosary at night on local radio if I’m home and with no other commitments.

I do quite a lot of actual sitting down and praying, but I need to work on making my life, love, and happiness a prayer, so I need to improve quite a bit. :blush:

I need a lot, but I dont pray near enough. I do try to pray about half an hour a day, plus alot of little “Thank You God” prayers when i see or hear or feel something that makes me think of him…

I came to vote in the poll but was disappointed to find the lack of exhaustive, mutually exclusive options, and surprised that the OP assumed everyone’s prayer life was either “too little” or “too much”. I think my prayer life is going along well. Consequently, I cannot vote in the poll.

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