How Much Time Does The U.S. Have?

A bigger question that I am thinking in regards to my own life is :
“What am I doing about it ?”

It’s almost like God has invited me (us) to enter into the battle for souls. How am I responding to this call ?

I think it is the folks praying the Divine Mercy Chaplets, folks who have freely chosen to keep the Friday abstinence from meat, folks praying the rosary, folks that when God is looking and “smelling” that among the smell of garbage is the “salt of the earth” that keeps us in there. But this upcoming election will signal definitely whether the “salt has gone flat” or if the Kingdom of God in battle perseveres in the face of all adversity.

Ever read in the CS Lewis Narnia Chronicles “The Last Battle” it looked like the forces of good had lost, but then came the “Second Coming” and the end of Narnia. I am not predicting the Second Coming, only that I must keep remembering to battle
with the “Full Armor of God” and the victory has already been won.

I think anyone who is paying attention can feel that our society is on the decline because of the decline of morality and the traditional family. God help us.

The 1st generation where she can “marry” she:

The 1st generation where she, raised by she “married” to she", “marries” she:

The 1st generation where she, with four grandmas, “marries” she:

The 1st generation where she, with eight grandmas, is sold to he with 4 “wives” and several concubines:

Great article.

Quick let’s put on the tinfoil hats and run to the bunker.:rolleyes:

now, now… be nice…

Lots of time, there is no “sociatial suicide” (see link) going on at all. :rolleyes:

The sun will still rise tomorrow. :shrug:

The reference to societal suicide occurs after the article has already listed a number of items in the downward cultural spiral. It seems that we have already progressed pretty far down the suicidal slope. (Maybe St. Malachy’s prophecies are not so improbable after all.)

It seems to me that at this particular point the corruption is chiefly one of the “elites”. There are still plenty of wholesome folks in this society. But certainly, there is an elitist war against the latter; one in which the latter do not have the means of expression that the elites have. I believe a certain candidate was totally wrong when he said people “cling to their guns and their religion” or words to that effect, when their economic circumstances become strained. But it pretty much tells you all you need to know about how the secular progressive elites think. It’s a terrible situation, and I think decency is in for a very rough time in the next few years. But I, myself, am not yet willing to write this society off.

Awesome article! Now what can we do about the fact that the United States has only a little time left if we don’t do something about the situation? Well, we can overturn Roe vs. Wade for one thing and then we can do something about the whole gay “marriage” thing that is going on. But don’t doubt it, we will need supernatural help and therefore prayer is essential in fighting this and other battles.

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