How much to give Church for convalidation ceremony?


Hi all,

My beloved husband and I are having a convalidation ceremony this Friday (hooray!) and are wondering just how much to give in our offering to the Church.

Anyone have any ideas on what’s appropriate? We had one meeting with our priest and plan to use the church basement for punch and dessert afterward…

Oh, a funny thing to share: when I was told in Confession that in order to keep receiving the Eucharist, my husband and I should refrain from making love until we were married in the Church, I said that we would but then said, “Oh, goodness, now I have to go home and tell my husband. He won’t be happy!” The priest then said, “It’s only thirty days…try 47 years!” :smiley:



I would say around $100… for my wedding we were asked to give around $200. I wouldgive $200 if you can afford it right now. Depends I guess.

Congrats though! It is going to feel SOOOO great!


It all depends on the area of the country where you live. Some places, $200 wouldn’t cut it; in others, $75 would be fine. If you live in a metro area where the church and basement are in demand, you would probably pay more than if you live in a small suburb, and pay even less if you live rurally.

Can you call the church office manager and ask what they get on a Nuptial Mass, and then divide it by 4? That’s what I’d so.


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