How much to give the priest?


I am getting married in a few days (Sunday), and I am wondering how much of a gift should I give the priest? The deacon will be assisting him, so how much should he get? I know it is customary to give a monetary gift to the priest, but have no idea what “the minimum” is. I plan on exceeding the minimum, but need to know where to start.

If location plays a role in this (some areas may give more than others); I am getting married in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Thank you!


You should ask the secretary or other person at the parish office. Typically this is established by the diocese regarding the suggested donation norms. Also, you should enquire regarding the use of the donation. In our diocese there is a standard offering suggested for weddings, that money does not go to the priest it goes to the charitable works fund of our parish. So, if a person wants to give the priest and/or deacon something they do so *separately *and directly to the priest (i.e. offering for the sacrament made out to parish and gift to priest made out to priest).

So, really, it is local custom and you should ask locally.

We gave our deacon $150, 8 years ago.


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