How much to pay 12 yr old to mow our lawn?


A neighborhood boy offered to mow our lawn b/c he is saving up for a Boy Scout Camp this summer.

He didn’t really know what to charge, and we have no idea either. It takes my husband and I about 1 hour to mow it with a push mower. He will be using our mower.

What do you think is a fair price?



$10 per week. That is what we have paid neighborhood teens in the past…now I have a teen of my own, so…

But, that is a very fair price.


I agree, I think that $10 is a good rate. Maybe a “bonus” at the end of the summer. Surely they will get free lemonade or soda.


Your mower, your gas = $10

Extras like edging, etc. = $15

For a good season’s work, make a donation to his “Scout Account”, or to his Troop.


My boys use our mowers and gas and charge $20 per lawn. So your mower would probably be $10.


I agree 10.00 :slight_smile:


I would lean toward the $15 if you can - it’s for a good cause at least. And if it takes two adults an hour - It will probably take a 12 year old a bit longer.


Hmm. I guess since I live in an area with a high cost of living I would give him $20.


We have a professional lawn service and pay $40 a week, but we have a huge lawn. They do all the extras (whipping, blowing debris, etc.). I’d suggest $15-$20 if you can handle it. It’s going to a worthy cause, and using a pushmower is a lot of work.


I would pay the same amount to the professional as well as to the Kid.

I pay between $30 - $35 depending on how tall the grass - not how old the person is. :smiley:


How big is your lawn? Does it include raking and bagging the cut grass?

If it is “average” then $10-$15 week. If you have an oversized lot, a lot of mature trees that involve stick pick-up, if edging is involved, then $20-$25 a week.

And please make sure your mower gets sharpened! Those push mowers get dull easily.


Twenty dollars.


I would say about $20. When I was a kid aver 20 years ago, I got a minimum of $10 per lawn…A couple of regular customers gave $20. My mom pays $40 each time to a pro, so for an amateur, $20 seems quite fair.


Around $20. No less. Maybe a little more. We paid our teenage lawn boys $30-$35. That was far less than paying a professional! :thumbsup:


Well, it takes either of us an hour.


Around here, it would be $20-25.


15 - 20 bucks especially if its a large yard.


My husband said the actual part to mow is less than a 1//2 acre.

$20 seems much too much. It takes an hour to do it and that would be $20 an hour. I don’t even get paid $20 an hour. :slight_smile:

It is true that it is for a good cause but realistically I can’t pay that kind of money on a weekly basis. Otherwise I’LL be out mowing lawns to earn extra money!! :smiley:

He is coming over today, offered to do it for $8.00 but I think we will end up at $10. for now.

THe problem is that he is NOT a professional landscaper and is only 12 years old. He won’t be trimming, etc. I think if we start an expectatioin, for a kid, of $20 for and 1 to 1 1/2 hours of work he/she will expect that much when entering the real workplace.

Am I crazy for thinking of it that way?


I think $10 is fine. He is using your gas and mower. A professional carries insurance and and uses his own equipment. My lot is also 1/2 acre and I live in the same city as you do. I pay $20 per mowing for trimming and cutting by a professional.


Does this young man have his own insurance and licensing? If not, then check with your homeowner’s insurance policy. Are you liable for any injuries that may incur if this young man has an accident on your property while mowing? And do you have worker’s comp? Finally, are you responsible for withholding any of that money for tax purposes?

Yes, I know some may think I am being silly, but I am not. In this litigious age, you need to check these things out.

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