How Muslim Clerics Stirred the Arab World Against Denmark

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (free link) reports on How Muslim Clerics Stirred the Arab World Against Denmark. Excerpt:

Keen to “globalize” the crisis to pressure the Danish government, Mr. Abu-Laban and his colleagues decided to send delegations to the Middle East. They prepared a dossier to distribute during the travels. The document, which exceeded 30 pages, featured copies of the published cartoons and Arabic media reports about the controversy. It also contained a group of highly offensive pictures that had never been published by the newspaper, including a photograph of a man dressed as a pig, with the caption: “this is the real picture of Muhammad.”

UPDATE: Austin Bay’s latest column is on the Cartoon Wars. And on his blog he observes: “The Danish ‘Cartoon War’ is an information warfare operation conducted by Islamist terror groups and at least two Middle Eastern dictatorships (Syria and Iran).”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Power Line has much more on this rather contrived affair. And Harry Shearer wants to know why most American media are too chicken to run the cartoons.

I read the Powerline article earlier today. Lots of links, very informative.

I think this whole thing may be sleight-of-hand orchestrated to misdirect attention from Iran.

Looks like the State Department partially agrees with you:

[/font]**[font=Courier New]Rice: Iran, Syria stoking anger… **

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