How My Dad Got Me Off Pornography, One Person's Personal Story


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Amazing story. Perhaps that’s something that men should be thinking about when using pornography and women should be thinking about when they marry and shack up with men who use pornography (or use it themselves), that they’re putting any kids at risk of becoming enslaved to lust and pornography.

Sounds like child abuse to me, but then again I just saw a movie about a spelling bee where they have a ten year old kid pay for prostitution on the encouragement of the protagonist so maybe exposing kids to sex and porn is becoming the in thing now in the struggle for sexual liberation.


Wow! That was so wonderful and beautiful! I like hearing success stories, because people are always looking for ways to overcome vices. Thanks for sharing that with us!



What a wonderful story with a caring Father. Thanks for sharing the link; one less person
viewing pornographic materials in the world.



The kneeling in front of mom was just over the top. Like mom needs to know everything. Hopefully, his dad was as concerned by his son’s need to belong as he was indignant that he was engaging in something which he condemned. I’d wager my own salvation that this was not the case.


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