How my discussion with the Mormons turned out


Just an update on my previous thread.

I invited my friend over to help me with the discussion.

It was a nice talk. The boys were very sweet–not strident at all.

We started with a prayer–I led because I don’t feel comfortable with a polytheist leading the prayer.

I asked them what questions they had about Catholicism. So, Elder #1 asks what our core beliefs are. I recited the Apostles Creed.

And, then we had the discussion. We spent some time talking about the Trinity. We discussed the “apostasy.” We talked about some of our shared beliefs.

The only point that I felt we opened their eyes a little concerned our understanding of Church hierachy. They asked a little smugly if we had the office of apostle and prophets (I’m sure that they felt only the Mormon Church has it). Of course, we said that office continued with the unbroken line of Bishops. They seemed a little surprised to hear that.

I kept asking if Jesus was a created being. And, they never answered. I’m not sure if they didn’t know the answer or if they didn’t want to give me an answer. They said that we are all eternal. And, of course, I answered that no, we have an immortal soul, but we had a beginning. They asked then how did God know Jeremiah from before he was created in his mother womb.

So, I said, God is both omniscient and existed outside of time.

Anyway, the truths that they did have made me realize why the Mormon evangelization effort is so successful. Bright, clean cut young men presenting a portion of God’s truth. Of course, those uneducated in the Faith would be attracted to that truth. And, finding that portion of the truth, then, the ignorant would assume it all to be true.

What if we had a corp of young Catholics doing the same thing–but with the whole truth!!! Wow!

In the end, the young men said that they didn’t want to convert people, but just bring them to God. So, if we were close to God, living a Godly way, they were happy for us.

I said, okay, but I want you to be Catholic, so I’m going to be praying for that. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you represented us very well. Thanks.


Good job…it’s great to know that Christian charity prevailed thoughout the discussion.


You have set a wonderful example for all of us. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the update. You did so well!
The Holy Spirit was the extra person there!

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