How Not To Evangelize

:smiley: Are you trying to advertise the new Windows 7 to us?
No soliciting!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to make what your teaching people about becoming a Christian should not be made personal?
So, you’re saying that it needs to be very formal when you are first starting to teach them what it all means?

No, the advertsiers are pushing their stuff on the viewer in the video. That’s how not to evangelize :wink:

Where does Bashing them over the head with the Bible, Catechism etc. fit into this??

Would it be OK to hold Rallies outside of their Gatherings & churches denouncing their misguided & antithetical beliefs? Much like some do to us.

your thoughts & suggestions are welcome… :wink:



I don’t get it. What does the link have to do with evangelization??

I found it here:

I dunno, it works for Joel Osteen :rolleyes:

Who’s he?


Joel osteen is a scary dude. You should check out some of his interviews on Youtube. If for no other reason than to know what’s out there. I know lots of people in my own church body buy his books. :frowning:

There’s one clip I think he got them to take off youtube, but it was him explaining that Jesus didn’t just die and rise again to forgive sins but also for our financial security.

Ahh, he’s a propserity theologian. Not to say that the propersity theology is a true branch of philosophy. While it is true that Christ Jesus triumphed over all evil on the Cross, He did not die to satisfy our passions, appetites, or emotions. It is a strange spirit that says God became man so that man might rule over God. Rather, He became man so that He might rule in man. Indeed, Christ is the New Adam, in Him is all mankind, and just as the Kingdom is in Him, so dose God rule in every righteous soul, and wishes to rule in each and every soul. From moral goodness comes physical goodness - as is apparent from the works of God. So by the spread of the Kingdom of God, the Lord shall consummate all that exists.

No, the advertsiers are pushing their stuff on the viewer in the video. That’s how not to evangelize

No, they weren’t pushing anything onto their guests. They casually told them about Windows 7, and aloowed them to ask questions.

Who’s he?

Joel Osteen is a popular preacher. He waters everything way down. He is basically a psychologist who uses Jesus in a sentance ocassionaly.

Click Here to watch Joel Osteen try to explain his faith.

And Here

Osteen is a charismatic speaker who likes to talk about hope; remind you of anyone? :wink:

Obama talks about hope and change. :smiley:

Those videos make me nauseous. I means honestly, the ‘pastor’ of the largest US ‘congregation’ can’t make up his mind about whether or not Hindus are saved?

Man alive, that is one boring video…

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