How not to forget a fast


So it will often happen, I decide to fast or only eat certain foods for a bit, and then I completely forget about it. Any good ways to remember?


Post a sign in large letters on your fridge or cupboard or anywhere your likely to see it when tempted.

Plan your meals before hand - as in actually write it down - and then stick to what you wrote. And no between meals cheating/snacking :D.

When possible, remove the temptation from reach (get it out of the house, don’t walk past the candy machine).


when you remember the reason for the fast or discipline or other prayer or pentitential practice, you will remember the practice. You begin with calling to mind Christ, his life, suffering, death and resurrection for our sakes, and unite whatever penance you have chosen to that remembrance. without the remembrance the practice has no value in any case.


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