How Not to Pre-Judge Someone

I’m hoping this is the correct forum - it’s not only current news around the world - but if you view it in it’s 3-minute entirety (not just the music) - is surely a lesson in how not to rashly or pre-judge a person. Perhaps, the topic should read: ***Simon Smiled - I Wept ! *** (I know I haven’t been able to stop viewing the link.)

I’m sure our UK members have viewed/heard this by now. “Susan Boyle” - who appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent”…with the infamous Simon Cowell as one of the three judges. I’d heard a clip of Ms. Boyle over the weekend - a few hours later strangers were talking to me about her. Perhaps, it’s not only her voice but because some of her background is so much like mine - (except for the golden voice). Whatever the reason, I had to share this link with you – and I’m NO YOU-TUBE user. But if you’ve only heard the performance and not seen the entire segment - please watch. It’s memorable, from Simon Cowell’s face to the judge’s reaction - commenting about how wrong it is to be so cynical. For us - no matter what our religious creed - it’s a lesson and worth the watch. If the link doesn’t take you there - check via “YouTube” (I’m not a member - and got in there…it’s the whole clip before and after performance).
Waiting on line already - to purchase this woman’s first CD release - what a talent God gave her.

My wife found this gem a few days ago. It is…to use the British idiom…BRILLIANT!

Here is an article about her priest’s reaction…

But Father Basil Clark, who watched the show on television at his home in Broxburn, Scotland, was not surprised.

He has seen the situation unfold many times before, having regularly accompanied Boyle, 47, on the annual Legion of Mary pilgrimage to the Marian shrine in Knock, Ireland.

“When I watched the judges’ faces it reminded me of what I was like when I first saw Susan singing – absolutely blown away by the quality of the singing and by that fantastic voice,” said Father Clark, dean of West Lothian, the district that covers Boyle’s home village of Blackburn.

“Anyone who sees her for the first time behaves the same way. I have never heard her sing badly, though she might lose the words if the stress gets too much,” he told Catholic News Service in an April 16 telephone interview.

How would you like her in your parish’s schola/choir? :thumbsup:

I so agree with you and I am so happy that this is going around the world via the internet.

BTW…those of you who don’t click on YouTube links as standard policy, please, please consider this one. It is really worth it. I just watched it again (and teared up again :o ).

Certainly true…Although there are times that I would like to receive my request immediately, shivering panic or not.

A little humor here…

Thanks to all for their replies -
And, Robert, I didn’t know she was Catholic…and that her priest commented! Many thanks for that.
I, too, never go to “YouTube” but agree this is well worth the visit (I couldn’t lock into it elsewhere, and this was first location I could find it.) I, too, have watched, re-watched - and wept every time. There are many beautiful voices in the world - It was watching the judges’ reactions… Never judge a book by its cover. Never rashly judge your neighbor. What a lesson!

May Susan Boyle be blessed !

I did not realize she was a Catholic either! :thumbsup:

I had heard that she sang in her church…but for some reason thought it was probably a Protestant church. I was actually feeling a tinge of jealousy toward that congregation.

You are so right. Don’t pre-judge!

Thank you, Susan Boyle! What an inspiration!

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