How often at mass do they promote vocations at church?


It seems that once a year at mass they promote vocations?
How often at your church?


We pray for vocations every day in prayer of the faithful. Every couple months we get a vocation homily. We have a brand new priest in residence and he brings a continuous stream of seminarians visiting which probably is doing more for vocations than any official promotion ever could


They do it at least every Sunday if not everyday.


NOT OFTEN ENOUGH! We are a very small parish and I wish there would be MUCH more promotion and talk of Religious Vocations both males and female. When I was discerning eons ago there really was nothing compared to the possibilities out there today. Just even mentioning at Mass or having someone come in and speak could plant the seed of good holy devout religious vocations. It is GREATLY needed.


Our parish did it weekly until the sexual abuse issue became prominent.


Not aiming this at you. Well that was no reason to stop promoting good holy devout vocations they are needed even more so in those situations.


I agree, but the head of the Vocations committee closed up shop. I would like to bring back prayer at church. I personally pray for vocations and would like more to join me.


Start with a monthly Rosary at Church. Even if you are the only one that shows up keep it going and keep emphasizing the great need.


Thank you for your wise words.


Ask your Priest to put a vocation prayer in your bulletin on a regular basis and to mention it at Mass.


We pray for vocations or hear about it in homilies about once a month.


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