How often do miracles occur?

Please give reasons for your view.

*They happen very frequently everyday through prayer and through God ;throughout the world.The list is long,but I’ll list a few examples…

The miracle of the Holy Eucharist during mass, my baby born normal when the sonogram showed signs of a abnormality in her heart,car crash and airplane crash survivors,and cancer survivors, countries through the ages making peace instead of war and mothers who change their minds on having abortions.I could go on all day.I think miracles are all around us,if we just choose to see them.God Bless, Kelly O’Mara

I’ll assume that by miracle you mean “supernatural intervention.”

For starters, each particle in the universe pops into, and out of, and back into existence a few thousand (or was it million) times per second. Each time anything pops out of or back into existence, it’s because God decided that it should do so. So there’s a few gazillion miracles every second.

God speaks to people through their consciences, and their hearts. Quite often. To everybody who ever lived. So you can add a few more miracles there.

God causes, and/or allows everything that happens to us - for our benefit or the benefit of others, assuming we take advantage of these things. So those are miracles too.

God created order from chaos, and continues (for our benefit) to interact in a predictable way with his creation. We call these predictable interactions “natural laws” but of course since God “holds them in existence”, and they do not exist by themselves, I’d call those miracles too.

And God, being God, sometimes for our benefit suspends his “natural” laws - probably so we don’t get too cocky about believing that the natural laws existing independently of Him.


Transubstantiation at every single Mass. Need I say more?

Yup, and more, physical healings, spiritual healings, answered prayers, etc…

A miracle happens every minute of every day. Thats the Mass. God comes to us. Thats a miracle

Cool I am for more… Yep all those things as evidenced by the prayer intentions getting answered here on the Forum and in our lives.


every time a person goes to Confession and comes out absolved. That surely can’t happen on our own initiative.

Apart from the Sacrament, the miracles like in the Bible happens very often, depending upon our faith and holiness


Miracles are happening constantly since God is sustaining physical reality in existence at every moment.

I have never seen reliable evidence of a single miracle.

Miracles happen every day somewhere.

In the bible they seem to be grouped when God wants his divine imprimatur on a particular directed action of his agents like Moses, Elijah, Elisha or Jesus his son.


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The chances of me being who and what I am are wildly unfavored.
And as a child of parents who likewise can say the same, the chances go up even higher with each generation behind me.

Each of us is a miracle.

Miracles so common that people do not even see them anymore.

We are each the butterfly effect of untold previous butterfly effects.

And God knew us before it all started.

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