How often do Popes, Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops say Mass?

Is there a weekly minimum?


Every day. I think most all priests do. Perhaps some of them do not on their day off.

Of course, not every Mass is said publicly.

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The ones I’m aware of say Mass daily, even on their day off.

I know the Pope offers mass every day.

I would imagine that other cardinals and bishops do the same but privately, and only offer mass publicly on big feasts when everyone comes.

I thought they were required to say mass daily just as they are required to pray the Liturgy of the Hours every day.

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I would hope they are! It would be such a wasted opportunity if they didn’t, barring something legitimately preventing them from doing so.

They actually aren’t. I thought so too. I think it was my priest who corrected me. The simple reason for this is that priests aren’t supposed to celebrate mass in a state of sin unless they have to for the good of the faithful. If you skim about halfway down the answer this article explains:

Thank you!

So, they are required to pray the LOTH daily, but only earnestly recommended to say mass daily.

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If a priest says Mass privately is it the similar size to a weekday Mass?

It varies, and largely depends on where the priest is. I’ve known some priests that say Mass even just by themselves (though this is only supposed to be done for a “just and reasonable cause” per canon law). Or maybe the priest will be saying Mass for a small group of college students, or a community of religious sisters, or at a nursing home, etc. It’s hard to say something that would generally apply to all.

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