How often do you attend Mass?

Catholics: How often do you attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

I’d love to hear in your post also whether it’s all at the same parish or at multiple parishes, Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form or another Rite, whether daily Mass is even available, and maybe also if some part of the Liturgy of the Hours/Divine Office is celebrated publicly in your area.

I’ll post my own responses separately.

In my role as sacristan at my church–and by extension appointed wedding-rehearser/coordinator–I attend Mass about three or four times a week during peak wedding season. I attend Mass only at my parish, lately, unless I am out of town for some reason.

In the past I was a bit of a liturgical wanderer: checking out different parishes to observe their celebrations. I used to be fond of attending the diocesan “EF” Mass from time to time, but when it moved from right around the corner to the city core, that was the end of that. I also used to occasion one of several Ukranian Rite parishes in the diocese, but I haven’t been to one in a few years.

I’ll go to the cathedral for a major event: ordinations (I attended our diocese’s priestly ordinations at the cathedral last month), Chrism Mass, the installation of a new bishop…that sort of thing.

I am aware of no parish at which any of the offices are chanted. One would hope that the diocesan cathedral would offer such a thing, but no. The Episcopalian cathedral does, but not the Catholic cathedral. As a result, I do attend Vespers or Evensong at the Episcopal cathedral quite often. Sad that one has to turn to the Protestants for a publicly celebrated office.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to go to Mass nearly every day. I have been going consistently Sunday-Friday since I came into the Church, and now that we have a parochial vicar, we usually have a Saturday morning Mass I’ve started serving at.

On weekdays, I work 45 minutes away, and my schedule generally requires me to go to parishes other than my own once or twice per week, occasionally more. Once in a while this is the Extraordinary Form at the FSSP community, but it’s the Ordinary Form the vast majority of the time (including always at my parish). I do make it a point to go to the Cathedral for major events like priesthood ordination and the Chrism Mass.

There are no other Catholic Rites celebrated in this area, within a 2 hour drive or more. The Cathedral has public (modern) Vespers on Wednesdays and the FSSP community has public (1962) Vespers on Sundays, but I haven’t been to either one. Both are about 30 minutes away.

On the evening of Palm Sunday the Cathedral has a sort of Tenebrae, an extended Solemn Vespers with the candles and all, with a Schola. It’s beautiful. Our parish (and I think a few others) has modern Lauds (recited) on the mornings of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

I go weekly and on holy days, always at our home parish. My husband and I liked to go to the Latin Mass downtown on the first Sunday of each month, but unfortunately that’s when my husband got scheduled to be a Eucharistic Minister at our parish and they refuse to give him a different week of the month. :frowning:

I plan to quit working before my third trimister (or maybe sooner if these debilitating sciatic nerve issues don’t stop) and I will be able to go to daily mass.

I attend my own parish most weekends, where I am an EMHC, and usually once every two weeks I go to an EF Mass 20 miles away. (I go to Mass every weekend, but which Mass I go to depends on circumstances.) I’d like to be able to go to weekday Mass more often, but work commitments such as shift work make this difficult.

We have 4 masses a week here - and I usually go to all of them :smiley:

The only Mass that takes place outside my workday hours is Sunday morning Mass so that’s the one I go to and I go every single Sunday. Prior to my decision to convert I attended Church maybe twice a month. I have to say the week goes so much better when I devote that hour in the morning to God instead of to me or anyone else. :slight_smile:

I attend weekly plus holy days, and maybe once more during the week, although some weeks I attend more frequently. I attend at multiple parishes – my own, a neighboring parish, and the cathedral downtown, depending on where I am at any given time and what fits my schedule.

I am blessed to be able to attend Mass every weekday morning besides Sunday, of course. Our parish does not have Mass on Saturday morning.

There are two parishes, that I know of in the area, that does the LOTH Morning Prayer before Mass.

Every Sunday definitely. Either in the OF or Divine Liturgy
First Fridays. The last two ones have been EF but I’m going back to OF this November.
Sometimes I go in the middle of the week, but its not always

I go every week and at least one daily mass a month (either a weekday or a Saturday morning). and holydays Where I am going to mass now on the weekends they have a 6:30am mass Mon to Friday and 8:30am mass Monday to Saturday. The rosary is recited before the 8:30 mass. the parish I grew up in has a 6:30pm mass Monday to Friday evening (none in the morning). Between the other three parishes in my cluster, two have a 8:30am mass twice a week (one Monday and Friday and the other Tuesday and Saturday) and the last one has a 8:30 mass on Wednesday.

Every Sunday and a monthly Dominican Mass plus numerous TLM’s every month.

daily…and i love it…

God Bless

I usually attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day. Because of college, and where the church is in town, I really don’t have the capacity to go to Mass every day.

Also, Mass is available Saturday and 3 times Sunday. Also, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I attend the same parish–that is, unless I’m home.

I attend Mass weekly and on holy days, and as often as I can during the week, sometimes every day. Weekend Mass is at my home parish, weekday Mass at a parish 2 blocks from my workplace. Both are OF.

My husband and I attend Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, the only days mass is scheduled, except for Holy Days. We have Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on First Friday for one hour. If we had mass every day, we’d attend as frequently as we were able. Sadly there are hardly ever more than 3 to 5 people at the weekday masses.

We have Adoration on First Fridays and more than once I have been totally alone for most of the holy hour. I don’t mind because I love having Jesus all to myself, but I do fear my pastor will at some time decide it’s too much work.

I go to Mass whenever I am able, which at this point in my life, is nearly every day.

My own parish has Mass at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, so attendance at those is almost a given. Usually, I attend the 4:00 Mass there on Saturdays, as well as the 8:30 a.m. on Sundays.

I also attend other parishes on the “off days”. There are quite a few parishes within a 15 minute drive. Always the Ordinary Form. Daily Masses are well attended no matter which parish I attend. 20-30-40 people; more during Lent.

Some of my co-workers attend 6:30 a.m. Mass, as well. That’s a nice connection for our turbulent work environment.

On days when I just can’t make it to Mass, I try to spend a few minutes in church. There’s a church that is open just a few blocks from my school, and I will often go there and sit in the silence. I shared my secret with another co-worker, so now when I go, she is sometimes there, and it’s not as silent.

I am blessed and fortunate to have a job that allows me to go to Daily Mass at 9:00 AM on Monday thru Friday. On occasion, I will miss a day or two for appointments, etc. I go to the 9:00 AM Mass on First Saturday’s which is followed by Exposition, Recitation of the Rosary, and Benediction.
As for Sunday Mass, I almost always go the 5 PM Saturday night Mass. All the Masses are at my Parish where I’ve been going for 26+ years. I also went to the school attached to the Parish for Kindergarten thru Eight Grade. The Parish is really my home and I will always consider it my Parish even if/when I move away.
I’ve struggled with certain terrible sins, and the daily Eucharist has really helped me. I will often feel “off” for the whole day if I don’t go to Mass. That being said, I sometimes worry about getting a full-time job and not being able to go to Daily Mass. I also struggle against it just be a “routine.” I often pray and ask for a greater love of the Eucharist just so that won’t happen.
God Bless, Pakesh

For me, multiple parishes.
I try to go daily & Saturday Vigil to my local parish (Ordinary Form)
Sundays I go to Extraordinary Form (1 hour drive)
From what I know there is no public LOTH here where I am, but where the parish is that has EF I believe there is.
This will all be changing soon for me though as we’re about to move to where the EF parish is. Once this happens I’ll be going to daily Mass at the EF parish and Saturday Vigil here.

I go to Mass every Sunday, at my home parish, even though they have Mass twice every day, except on Sunday, when there are six scheduled Masses, three in Spanish and three in English.

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