How often do you check your email

I am just wondering i usually check mine way to much for fear of missing an important message. i need to scale back on it but i need advice and just want to see what others do . thanks

at least a dozen times a day.

Way to much :smiley:

I will check my email several times a day.

Also, I have an iPhone, and Google supports the Exchange protocol. What that means is that my phone also buzzes every time I get an email without me needed to check it (only on my important accounts. I have way too many email accounts).

I get emails instantly to my phone, and while I’m at work, I have my work email and personal email open. The majority of emails I get on my personal account are retailers and usually don’t open them. I wonder how much time I waste checking pointless emails? I’m sure it is time better spent.

Does it distract from other parts of your life?

I used to check it ALOT, but after realizing not many people write me and most of what I get is spam, I just check a couple times a day.

God bless,

Yep. Several times a day, as it is one of the primary ways I communicate with other coworkers, too. We are spread all throughout NW Iowa.

I guess it’s more than twice a day for me. My work e-mail is opened all day long and with an Android phone & gmail, you are notified on the phone when new mail arrives.


At every opportunity.

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