How often do you come to CAF?

And how much time do you spend here?

Just curious - because it occurred to me that I have probably spent more time [lurking] here since I joined, than I would have spent in RCIA classes twice over. I have a feeling that I have learned an awful lot more here though.

Depends on how interesting the threads are and what I have going on. If there are some good discussions going and I don’t have much going on, quite often. If I have a lot going on, or I haven’t been seeing any interesting threads, a few times a week.

I have to agree as I too look to see how interesting the threads are and depending on time whether to look at them and maybe reply or not, some days do not have the time but I do like when I can to check it out to see what others have to say.

I’ve learned a great deal.

My wife says I spend too much time here. :blush:


Even though I’ve seen and read some truly shocking opinions, I do try to frequent this place at least daily. 'Tis a good resource.

Too often. :smiley:

I check the forum for interesting threads at least three times a day!

Stay signed in, but read 3-4x a week. On my days “off” (not working and husband is teaching and shuttling kids to dance and guitar…) I may spend a good bit of time. Today being a sick day, I’ve hung out with you guys most of the day between the heating pad and muscle relaxers:shrug:

At least once a day but usually more.

It depends on how busy my day is and what errands need to be done around the house. But the lap top is made inaccessible for the majority of the day for two reason.
A) It would distract me from getting work done
B) My toddler would want to play with it all day if she could (she knows how to get to the good games).

However, I’m quite pregnant and due any day now with my second. I physically can’t do as much around the house now…so I’m on CAF a whole lot more often…:blush:

Oh well, it’s a good resource, I learn so much here and I could be sifting through TMZ or other mind numbing sites.

Back in the day, we had dial-up internet when our twin sons were born. It was so slow, I could nurse both of them before I had finished downloading some files :slight_smile:

I stop in daily at least to frequent the prayer intentions area. As to involvement with other threads there are specific areas of interest to me. Also, if I have time I enjoy the world news area as to gain overall perspective to current events.

As to remaining involved in a thread, these days its dependent on the overall existing attitude, and admittedly sometimes its difficult to disengage due to temptation, though I tend to practice disengaging better than I use to. :slight_smile:

My time here varies. Anywhere between several times a day, and once or twice a week.

I like the World News forum, when there’s a good American gun control debate going on.

Not often enough:shrug:

True… true…!!! :smiley:

Every day, but I don’t always post-- some days I just read stuff. I spend anywhere from 20-40 minutes per day here.

In my early years of coming into full communion, a great deal. Bro JREducation’s posts have been extremely instructive, and with being a former Mormon, I offer my perspective.

However, as time as gone by, and my discipleship to Christ deepens, I spend a great deal of less time here, and more time with being an active disciple to those whom I come in contact with in my real life…

Pope Francis’s example has had a BIG impact on me…

Spend more time actually serving, and less time belly-aching. :smiley:

There is a great deal of energy spent here in debating, arguing, trying to “win” a debate that could be more wisely spent in helping those who are hurting, who need to have the Lord brought to them by our personal action.

Every day, sometimes multiple times. :blush: I can’t help it, it’s a very interesting site, and it’s really helping me to explore my new faith. Since I’m not able to convert to Catholicism yet, nor can I attend Mass/Church, I’m using this site to really indulge myself in the Catholic religion.

I don’t think you should worry too much about lurking on here. :wink: I spend more time posting than lurking, but I do know of users who have had accounts for years for lurking purposes only.

This used to be my favorite site but I think I grew tired of all the arguing … I rarely read much anymore. Sometimes I post a response to one of the silly threads in the water cooler and once in awhile on a serious thread but that’s it. I don’t have the patience for it anymore… I guess that’s it, and I feel like I’ve read it all before.

When I first became a Catholic this place was such a blessing. For that I remain so thankful.

I lurk almost every day but don’t have the time to sit in dialog on a thread.

Information and dialog shared regarding ECF’s and Tradition has been most helpful for me in understanding Catholicism.

edit…As mentioned a few posts above I also receive much through Br. Jay’s contributions and opinions and faith

It comes in fits and spurts, sometimes several times a day, while other times not for almost a week. It depends on if there is a thread I am interested in.

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