How often do you go to confession?


How often do you go to confession?


On average, I go every other week, but if I am having a difficult time with a particular sin, I will go more frequently.

God Bless!


Once a month.


Weekly, or as often as I can.


Every other week unless I commit a mortal sin. In that case, I try to schedule a confession ASAP.


Is there such a thing as going to confession too often? Is it okay to go in the middle of the week, in addition to on Saturdays, if you have committed a mortal sin and are repentant?

I can’t vote in the poll, but I have been going once a week lately, whether I have mortal or only venial sins to confess. I’m trying to clean myself up. :slight_smile:

In Christ.


Nothing wrong with going five days in a row if you’ve sinned mortally on each one of the preceding five days :shrug:

And St Padre Pio advocated weekly confession for those who want to be saints (and we are all called to be, so that means all of us!)


I keep getting so many mixed signals about when to go to confession that I honestly think I’m going to quit going so often. I think I need to re-evaluate why I go so much, as I do. It’s not helping me.


I average once a month. This seems to give me enough to eh, talk about, and gives me a good amount of time to contemplate why I seem to keep repeating the same sins. :blush:


I try to make it during the Easter season and during Advent. Thankfully, I’ve been able to minimize or eliminate my serious offenses. IF those occur, I’m there more often. As they used to say in the middle ages (or was it the old west), I get a bath once a year whether I need one or not. I know I should go more often, but what’s a sinner to do ?


I was poorly catechized as a convert and was told that the communal penance services were all that was required. Since reading up on it and having much on my heart, I started going quarterly - I would go more often, except for lack of priests/times to go. Ours insists on an appointment and we have no confessional, so I am not comfortable with that. I go to a neighboring parish or before Latin Mass when I make it there.


I voted for “once a month”, but that’s more my goal than actual practice. I bring my boys every quarter, and I try to slip in between visits with them, which is around every 6 weeks or so.

Two years ago, my boys and I were making our annual visit to confession during our Advent penance service. Afterwards my 11 year old asked me why we only went once a year. I didn’t have an answer for that one, and I’d been contemplating going more often, so I figured this was my chance.

I figured that quarterly wouldn’t be too much of a shock to our systems. I was also worried about having something to “talk about” since I had trouble coming up with things for a once a year confession. So now I go more often than quarterly, but not quite once a month. I have not run out of things to confess.

We have 30 minutes on Saturday afternoons and about 10 minutes 3 mornings a week at 6:15 a.m. I have been a few times in the early morning before Mass, but either way requires pre-planning and commitment on my part. I can’t just wake up and say “I think I’ll drop by confession today.”


I try to go at least every two weeks, but I will go more often if I’ve messed up big time (i.e. committed a mortal sin). :wink:


I couldn’t find the “not enough” option :smiley:

I go every 2 months or so. I’d like and need to go more often, but it’s just hard to go anywhere these days by myself. And, it’s even harder for me to get my kids to confession. That’s one area in which being in a mixed marriage makes it harder.

I am hoping to go Saturday–which will be a too long of a gap at 2 and a half months.

But, I’m doing much better than I did in my twenties. I had nine years between confessions then. That makes me so sad, to live all those years in sin. Thank God, He preserved my life. If I had died then…:o


once a year right now, working on going more often


I’m planning to go every other week or once a month.


I try to go to confession weekly. :slight_smile:

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