How often do you go to confession...?


I think that going to the same confessor is the ideal. I’m just too embarrassed that my sins are the same pretty much every time I go. :confounded:

When I look back I see that there has been progress but there’s also a lot of back sliding.


You have more than one parish priest, then? I currently only have one, so that hasn’t been problematic for me.


I try to go about every two months or so, unless I feel the need to go more often. Like now recently, I’ve been going more frequently because my surgery is tomorrow and I want a clean soul.


Every week to every other week out of necessity. Sometimes twice a week. When I don’t need to go, I still try to go monthly.


Most of my life I’ve gone every month. However, recently, I’ve been trying to get in every week. It’s amazing what a difference it does with your spiritual life if you go every week. I find you do a lot less sinning. Because you get that grace every week (who doesn’t need that) but also because you know that next Monday (or whatever) you have to tell that sin to the priest. “Bless me Father, I’ve done it again”. It gives you a better sense of accountability than going every month. Not that there is anything wrong with going once a month. I just find it more spiritually enriching to go every week or so.


I’m not scrupulous, but I really would like to become a saint. To that end, I kind of like the idea of going every day! Saint John Paul II did this. (always feel awkward putting the “saint” title before his name. I just call Padre Pio “Padre Pio.” :slight_smile:


That is so awesome!


Yeah, I’m kind of like that, too. I don’t make a point to go every couple months but it’s just been working out that way.


That is what I like to do however I end up going 10-14 days at the moment. :frowning:


I go to Confession every week. I go to receive the graces of God’s mercy.


Same,and sometimes in a parish where confession might be rare you can feel like a spectacle asking before mass.I think that threw my children off a bit asking for an appointment once and we had to wait in the office during a week day…it was just plain awkward


Usually, every two weeks. I went yesterday, after about six weeks.


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