How often do you go to confession?


Just curious. I would like to know how my Confession habits line up with others.


comparing yourself to someone else may be misconstrued as a sin and necessitate your going to confession.


Only when I sin! :wink:


I think the choices too limited. Catholics need go to confession no more than once a year. There are also Protestants who go to confession. There are also Catholics who don’t go to confession. All these need to be considered for the poll to be valid. And there are those of us who would like to go to confession but the RCIA teachers tell us not to (another whole separate thread). And the Pope could not answer this poll - he goes every day. Me, I should go every hour, even getting woken up from sleep to confess.


As an RCIA Candidate, I am not allowed confession at my Church. My first allowed confession will be somewhere in that Easter Vigil thingy. I have been informed that the catechumans will not need confession, since their first baptism takes care of all sins up to The Big Splash.

Once I am confirmed, I intend to do at least a weekly confessional, so that I can keep earning those indulgences for The Church Suffering

Having said that, I have booked a retreat for 12 days in early February, and have asked for daily spiritual direction. I intend to work on that confession, since we are talking about 55 years worth


Normally, it’s every 2-3 weeks but lately (for the past few months) it’s been weekly.


We just completed this poll:

Let’s give it a break for awhile.

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