How often do you go to mass on Sundays?

How often do you go to mass on sunday? “Every Sunday” also can mean “When I can”

I definitely try my hardest to get there every Sunday. :slight_smile: Thankfully there are Masses on Sunday at 5 PM and even 7 PM if I cannot get to others.

Once on Sundays.

Very rarely, twice on a Sunday.

The only times I’ve attended more than once is if for example, I go to my regular morning mass and there is a special mass at another parish that I want to attend…

I literally can’t even imagine what else I would do on a Sunday morning, besides go to Mass.

I’ve gone to Church every Sunday morning since I was in the womb, except for the Sunday after the day that I was born. That is literally the only Sunday I’ve ever missed in my entire life. :slight_smile:

I presently go to Mass at least four days a week besides Sunday, as well. :slight_smile:

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Why isn’t there an option between every day/Sunday and once or twice a year? :confused:

I mean, I go every week and that’s what I voted, but there’s a bit of a leap between the options.

As they say at the poker tables in Las Vegas…“read um and weep”…CARA report from USCCB.

Pax Christi
P.S. I serve/participate at the Holy Mass every Sunday,

The results are found in “Sacraments Today: Belief and Practice among U.S. Catholics,” a report from the[size=]** Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA)**[/size]. The Georgetown University-based researchers polled 1,007 self-identified adult Catholics in February 2008 and compared responses from pre-Vatican, Vatican II (born between 1943 and 1960), post-Vatican II (born between 1961-1981) and Millennial Catholics.

Frequency of Mass attendance is a strong indicator of the general importance of Catholicism in a person’s life and of his or her level of commitment to living out the faith. In general, the more frequently one attends Mass, the more frequently he or she participates in other Church or religious activities, the greater his or her knowledge about the Catholic faith, the greater his or her awareness of current events in the Church, and the greater his or her adherence to Church teachings. CARA found that Catholics who attend Mass at least monthly hold similar views to those who attend weekly. Catholics are obliged to attend Sunday Mass each week.

CARA estimates that there are more than** 51 million adult Catholics**, about 22-23 percent of the nation’s adults, making Catholicism the religion chosen by most Americans. Of this number:

31 percent, or approximately 16 million adult Catholics, attend Mass in any given week (23 percent of Catholics say they attend Mass every week). Mass attendance is highest among Catholics who are older, female, married to another Catholic, who have a college degree or more, and who attended Catholic educational institutions – especially a Catholic college or university. Majorities of adult Catholics agree with the following statements: “I can be a good Catholic without going to Mass every Sunday” (68 percent) and "I think of myself as a practicing Catholic (55 percent).

– 61 percent agree “somewhat” or “very much” with the statement “Sacraments are essential to my faith.” Older Catholics are more likely than younger Catholics to have celebrated their First Reconciliation, First Communion or the Sacrament of Confirmation. With each generation the percentage having celebrated each of these sacraments decreases. For example, 99 percent of those of the Pre-Vatican II generation celebrated their First Communion compared to 94 percent of the Vatican II generation, 91 percent of the Post-Vatican II generation and 85 percent of the Millennial Generation.

The full poll can be found at

I attend mass every Sunday with the exception of when I go out of town but that is due to lack of transportation and no catholic friends in my hometown.

I read the title differently, I usually attend Mass in my residential parish on Saturday evening so I can be “off duty” and attend one or more Masses in my work parish, depending, sometimes it adds up to a few partial Masses, another reason to make sure I have already gone Saturday. If I miss out altogether I catch the evening Mass at the Basilica.

That’s how I read the question, too, at first - and I’m the same; I work at a parish, and often I am required to be at Mass more than once on a weekend, plus one for myself, to meet my own spiritual needs.

True I go to mass at least 3 times a week.

  • weather permitting.

I dont drive so I wheel to my parish up the street. Inclement weather gets in the way.

I attend every day except Saturdays, which usually don’t work for me.

It’s been quite a while since I attended Mass on a Sunday. However I would go weekdays because its close to work.

There are some where I live who go to every Mass every day…which can be as much as 3 times, of course they receive Communion only once…but it is an impressive feat I feel.

When I was child in Hungary the Jewish stores closed at Friday about 5 o’clock, the Christian stores at Saturday 2 o’clock, and all opened on Monday morning again. People made their shopping on Fridays. There we no fridges, so the meat was sometimes stinky by the Sunday diner.

We all believed that this is the religion, and that the third commandment is not to work on Sunday.

Then the Communism came, and they claimed that there is no God, the highest value is the human life, so the stores were open on Sundays too.

Then I get to Bavaria, and over there in 1981 the store closed at Saturday 2 o’clock, they believed that the Sunday is for God. I do not know how it is now.

Then I came to the US, and it was like in the communism, the highest value is the human life and feeling Good. Why to give a day to God and distinguish it from others.

The name of this is secularization. The world and feeling good is the center, not God.

Daily Mass for me, I cannot imagine the day without it.

God bless.

Once on Sunday.

We go to Mass every Sunday. Except for in the middle of the “snowmaggedon” when I couldn’t even get my car to the street, let alone to church.

Every Sunday. I’m 57 and I’ve missed about 6 times in my life and this was due to sickness like the mumps, measles, etc.

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