How often do you go?


I was just curious how often others go to reconciliation…


Usually once every six weeks.


Let’s see, I was baptized at 11, and made my first confession at the age of 33. Then I waited a couple more years to go again. Then I went every couple of months. Now I am going every week or two.


The more often I read in front of church the more often I go to confession. I figure if I am going to read God’s word or read the Prayer of the Faithful I might want to have my cleanest spiritual clothes on.


I put once a week, although depending on the circumstances, how often I’ve slipped over to the dark side:( , I sometimes go more than once a week. It is very easy to fall into Mortal Sin, a lot easier than apparently many people realize, and I really don’t like walking around with one on my soul. I know, old fashioned and all that, but I beleive it’s not a good thing to do and something we should rectify as soon as possible…

We are lucky here in San Diego in that we have two churches that hear confessions prior to every Mass. One of those is at St Josephs Cathedral in downtown San Diego, and it is usually the Auxiliary Bishop who hears the confessions:thumbsup: . Not something you see very often, a Bishop hearing confessions prior to Mass.

As I said, I we are very lucky.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I try to make it every two weeks.


Whenever I need to or once a month if I haven’t committed mortal sin. This reminds me that it’s a new month already.


i go at least twice a month, since iam cranky, and prone to cussing, i go believe me. i need to go.


For me, it varies between once a week to once a month, depending partly on my schedule, and more importantly, if I feel I need to go or not. I probably should go daily!


Weekly for four weeks, skip a month, weekly for four weeks, skip a month…

I’m the cantor at the 4:00 Mass on Saturday every other month, and my favorite confessor is at another parish at the very same time.

I also find that this schedule keeps me from routine and lack of proper contrition. If I always go every week, I have trouble with this.



As did JPII, i go once a week sometimes more…not only do i need it, but it is a free grace offered by God, and the counceling benefits are unmatched. it also helps keepme aware of my shortcomings.

I find it hard to believe that people arent knocking down the confessional door. …

peace be to you all


In order for a sin to be mortal, it must meet three conditions:
Mortal sin is a sin of grave matter
Mortal sin is committed with full knowledge of the sinner
Mortal sin is committed with deliberate consent of the sinner

It is not that easy to commit a mortal sin. Actually, I think most people don’t commit mortal sin often. My pastor told me no more than once a month. I go whenever I feel the gentle remind from the Holy Spirit.


I’ve been twice since my return to the Church in April or May. The last time being a week and a half ago.


Once a week or thereabouts. I try not to time it too precisely, so as to avoid lack of proper contrition. The temptation to presumption (ie giving in to sin in anticipation of confession) is something I do my utmost to avoid as well.

Nice to see a fair few fellow weeklies.


Once every 4 months or so.

Our Priest said that we should make it a regular part of our life. I wondered how “regular” was regular?


Very available confession times here in Wichita, Ks. !!!:thumbsup:


Well, I would disagree with you. So I will give a brief list of mortal sins and we’ll see if it is easy or not or common or not. Note: This is not my list but the Churches and it is not complete.
Deliberate failure to attend Mass on Sundays**. I know, hard to believe but there are those who deliberately choose not to go every week CCC2181

Abortion also called murder. I assume that you don’t know anyone who has ever done this. Actually this one leads to automatic excommunication:thumbsup:

Euthanasia, also called murder, CCC2277

Scandal, or leading another to do evil. Broad category, many don’t think that influencing another to sin is a sin, but it is.CCC 2284 and CCC2285 EXAMPLE. Hey Bob, I know this real hot girl and she wants you bad. Look, take her out and I’ll tell your wife we were playing cards. Just let me know what happens.

Drug Abuse, I know addiction, it’s not their fault and recreational usage and all that but according to the Church it is a Mortal Sin CCC290

Gluttony, not always a mortal sin, but it usually is CCC1866 and 2290

Alcohol abuse, essentially the same as same as drug abuse.

Extreme anger, many people don’t seem to know about this one CCC 2302

Hatred, same thing really CCC 2303

Adultery ** OH NOOOO**, yes some people actually do this including some people you might know.:bigyikes: CCC 2380
DIVORCE** Yes some people do this as well BELIEVE IT OR NOT CCC2384 Mortal Sin

Fornication or sex between unmarried people?? Never!!! CCC2353 Mortal Sin. Just for info it includes living together in sexual union or shacking up. Sorry but I guess the Church missed the boat on that one and still clings to the pre sexual revolution values

Pornography all those late night visits to XXX web sites that no one goes to that somehow earn bilions of dollars per year, mortal sin, even though psychiatry says it is OK
Homosexual acts**, yes even that nice couple that lives down the block. It they so engage, they commit mortal sin CCC 2357

Masturbation UH OH!!:bigyikes: Unbelievable, but yes, some people do indulge. CCC 2352, Mortal Sin

Lying CCC2484 can be either Mortal or Venial depending on the gravity thereof, , but I know that most people never do it anyway .:thumbsup:

LUST CCC 2351 Yes there are a few in the world who commit this sin as well. Believe it or not.

**Avarice **or more bluntly greed If it controls your life Mortal Sin CCC2536

Envy, while not always a Mortal Sin it can definitely lead there.

I post these because from what I have seen these are the ones that a lot of people these days don’t consider to be sins. Also if you continue the behavior after confessing you are still in the same boat so to speak. That seems particularly true for the sexual ones.

I have left out the obvious, Murder, Rape, Incest, Theft etc as well as some of the more esoteric ones, divination, magic, sorcery, sacrilige, despair , doubt of faith, heresy, apostasy, neglect of divinely revealed truth, presumption, schism, etc.


Thanks for the listing. I agree with you. All the sins you listed are mortal sins according to Church teachings. However, it may not be black and white for every case.

I was concerned that sometimes my child in college skipped Sunday Mass, and still went to Communion next week without confession. I discussed this with my Pastor.
He reminded me not to judge my child’s soul just based on the skipping of Mass one Sunday. He explained that all the 3 conditions have to be met in order for a sin to be considered mortal. And that’s where my previous post came from.




Agreed, but I will make a wager that most people when commiting these sins do in fact meet all the conditions for comiting a Mortal Sin. That is why I posted the listing. I kknow that people commit hese sins evenry day and pay absolutely no mind to them at all. In short they just don’t care.

Too many people in the Church today including Pastors, sad to say, reject the concept of personal responsibility for sins and the need for penance. Heck they reject Purgatory and Hell as well in many cases. They instead adhere or seem to adhere to the Protestant philosophy that salvation, once accepted can never be lost.

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