How often do you have the breaking of the Bread?


How often does your Church have the breaking of the Bread?

This would apply more to Protestants since Catholic Church does it every week on Sunday and even Monday to Saturday even.


The Episcopal church I attend has a Sunday morning Eucharist, a Saturday vigil Eucharist which I attend (which like its RC counterpart is the same liturgy as the Sunday morning, just without music, etc.), and a Friday noon Eucharist. The priest comes in from out of town and has other responsibilities, so some weeks there is no Friday or Saturday liturgy.

The Methodist church I attend on Sunday morning (my wife is Methodist) has Holy Communion once a month. The pastor (a good friend of mine from grad school) would like to have it weekly but he’s trying to work the congregation toward it slowly.



This is one of the polls I can’t really answer, because my church does it irregularly, but I would say much less than once a month. But it does happen on occasion, sometimes apparently in answer to my prayers for it (I know it’s His table and not mine, but sometimes I can’t help asking for it).

So maybe another possible choice for the poll could be “not often enough.”



If I could edit the post I would. Just out of curiousity, why doesn’t your Church do it a lot?


I’m Catholic and at my parish, we do it at least once a day; quite often twice, and on Sundays, four times, unless there’s something special going on (we’re coming up on a lot of 100th Anniversaries, and everyone is having their 100th Anniversary Mass), in which case, five.


Well, maybe it’s a generational thing; my church has a lot of college students and young families. Other than that I really have no clue, although once I heard something at church about “forgetting” to have it more often…

I know, I don’t understand either :confused:



In your opinion, do you think your church should do it more often? Remember Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me?”


Well my church has it once a month, actually i also don’t know why it was set once a month. However everyone must know the spiritual act behind communion, coz we cannot partake just for the seek of doing it.


I used to be protestant (Methodist) and know that many still subscribe to the “Circuit Rider” method of communion. The “ordained” preacher made the rounds (on horseback) in his “circuit” which amounted to about once every three months.
Now, I’m Catholic and receive the Eucharist at least twice a week…though it is offered at eleven Masses during the week.
What a blessing!


You received the Eucharist twice a week? Usually I find most Catholics take Holy Communion once a week. If I could I would received the Eucharist daily.


Yes, it is good to be with God in that special way, and to remember…



Jesus taught us to pray, "… give us this day our daily bread…" :gopray:

He even said, "this is my body, which will be given up for you… do this in remembrance of me…"


Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month at the Presbyterian Church I work at. The bread is in the form of bread/cracker chips or a loaf of sweet Hawaiian bread, and the wine is not wine at all - it is grape juice.


Friends have a little different take on Communion or Eucharist…we believe in the Real Presence…not to confused with a Catholic understanding…we use no emblems but enter into Meeting with Him. He is truly present as enter His Presence each time we center for Meeting for Worship.

Most Protestants see the emblems as “symbols”…we feel why have the symbol when the Reality of His Presence is possible?

Life is sacramental, so we view each offering of bread to someone in need, each kind word, each word lovingly spoken as sacramental.

So, each time we enter into Meeting in the Presence, we share communion, real food and drink for our souls.


Okay, let me get this straight. You don’t have bread (as in real loaf or cracker) in your church. You only have a spiritual kind of “bread?”

We all know that Jesus is really present everywhere in a spiritual way. That is not in question. I’m sure all Catholics and Protestants believe that Jesus is present everywhere in a spiritual sense.

But Jesus’ command was to take bread, real bread, and eat it and He said that it was His Body. We are to eat His Body in an actual form of bread which after consecration from a validly ordained Cathoilc Priest, becomes the REAL SUBSTANTIAL Presence of Jesus Christ. The bread is no longer bread but Jesus’ Body. The “accidents” of the bread still remain but Jesus’ Body is truly present. We Catholics have Jesus SUBSTANTIALLY and not just spiritually. To me and I’m sure to a lot of Cahtolics, that is a major plus.


Understood…Friends believe the Light Within is truly and substantially present…I understand the Catholic belief in the Real Presence…I sure your beliefs bring you into the very Presence of God…but so do mine…for me anyway…to sit in His Presence and join in the Living Silence is true communion…because He truly and substantially is there with us. We share in the Living Bread of Life.


The way you put that sounds lovely. I have very little understanding of Friends, and I’m glad to be able to read something about them. Thanks.


How often does your Church have the breaking of the Bread?

I feel that is a little unfair of our Protestant sisters and brothers for whom ‘breaking of bread’ is synimous with Roman Catholicism and to be avoided at all costs.

In a Methodist Chapel I used to attend [after mass on Sunday] about once every three months the local minister had ‘breaking of bread’. The olduns’ were not best pleased and refrained as it was compicit with Romish. As practicising Catholic, had to smile at this because of course, what they did in THEIR church was up to them :stuck_out_tongue:


So “Friends” is a denomination? I never heard of that denomination. Can you start a thread on that? It sounds interesting and now I’m curious. :slight_smile:

And Friends have Jesus substantially present? Where? By what means? With what? Can you see Jesus?

By “substantial” we mean that He is really there and we can actually see Him. He is not invisible as in a Spirit form. Jesus is there in more than just a Spirit form, He is there substantially, meaning we could see Him and He is touchable although we never touch Him during Adoration. We only actually touch Him in a real substantial way during Holy Communion. That is what Catholics mean by Jesus actually being there in a substantial way.

A priest who spoke at a Catholics Coming Home session a while back once told us that Jesus is inside of me and in all of us. He said this after I mentioned Jesus in the Tabernacle and that He is actually in there and why don’t people genuflect when they enter into a Church. That priest told us that Jesus is in all of us. I didn’t reply to that, I just left it alone. I really regret that to this day. What I should’ve said was that I would never bow down to him or to anyone else no matter if I know they are Christian and I know they have Jesus in them. I would only bow down to Jesus in the Tabernacle and when He is exposed in a Monstrance for Adoration. He really played down the fact that Jesus is in the Tabernacle as if He was not important in there. All this priest said was that the hosts are in there for taking them to the homebound. :frowning: He said “hosts!” :mad: That’s Jesus in there, not some hosts! He completely misunderstood my statement and my question. I hope that priest never speaks at such functions ever again. I think he was trying to impress some of the Protestants that were there as guests that came with some fallen away Catholics. :rolleyes: Just my hunch though, I don’t know why he said those things. I mean I know true Christians have Jesus in their hearts and I know that the Protestants who were there also knew that. The priest just didn’t get what I was trying to say. :frowning:


The Society of Friends is commonly known as the “Quakers”.

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