How often do you meet deciples of Jesus that you are jealous of their understanding?

How often do you meet deciples that you are inspired by their understanding of scripture?
And tell others of their understanding?

I’m confused because your title used “jealous” instead of “inspired” and they are two radically different concepts.

I meet people all the time who inspire me by their knowledge of scripture.

Am I jealous of some people’s scriptural knowledge? Not really because I appreciate their devotion and study.

I’m confused by your prompt and what you’re trying to ask or get at.

Often. To start with, I went to a Catholic high school, run by the Jesuits. The knowledge of those men was astounding. To this day, I’m in awe of them.

And today, many years later, I still meet people whose knowledge of their faith is much, much greater than mine. One of them is my own father. Others are a few priests I know, and some laypeople.

I’m sorry to hear that :wink:

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