How often do you pray throughout the day?


For someone who is battling to live with grace, it would give me hope and motivation if you could please describe how often you pray throughout the day?

Also, does it have to be a formal prayer, or would you consider meditating on the Pslams as also a prayer?

I usually say a prayer upon rising and before meals. I really struggle to do more because sometimes I don’t feel worthy enough to pray.

The reason why I am asking this is because for many years my faith has just been based in unreasonable scruples and now that I have hit a spiritual rock bottom I need to stop making excuses for myself, and pick myself up.

Here is a short prayer: Dear Lord, Jesus, please be with anyone in the world who feels unworthy of your mercy. Please give them the grace to want to live for you, in this world and the next.


That thought makes you very worthy of Gods love so why not pray to Him, prayer is communing too, speaking. Why not speak to God in your thoughts whenever you feel you need to?

Don’t be hard on yourself Zerg, God wants you to have a balanced view of your worth, a healthy view, God doesn’t bodge, He doesn’t make substandard people, you are of great value. He gave you life, gave you what you are, take it as a gift and be thankful and try not to despise what you are, it was God given.

I pray often, not usually formal prayers but more often just my own words. I don’t count how many times I do it and I suppose some days I pray a lot more than others. That’s fine, be at peace, God loves you.



This is a fascinating story.
NOT SURE if it’s true or not.
But this person read Saint Paul’s " Pray without ceasing "
So he goes about homeless - 1880’s ?
and visits all sorts of people and places - in Russia.


I am a child of God, I talk to Him all day. I have done this since I was little. Formal, rote prayers are important when you do not know what or how to pray (talk) with your Father in heaven.

Thank you, poppa…
I love you, poppa…


I enjoy formal prayer, but in my formal prayer there is time set aside for unwritten prayers.

I try to pray four times a day (in the morning, at noon, in the evening after dinner, and before going to bed), following the Anglican Daily Office as set out in Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book (worth looking into if you, as I, enjoy the beauty of the language in the Anglican tradition. This particular book is very Catholic and includes devotions to Mary, Joseph, and a couple others as well). “Try” being the operative word. If I have time, I include the scripture readings for the day as listed in the daily readings in the Book of Common Prayer.


This is awfully condescending.

Do you not engage in formal, rote prayers at mass?


I try to pray four or five times a day. Some are formal; some, informal.

Edit: Sometimes I “serial” pray. I pray more than one prayer back to back. For instance, I might pray the Our Father, then the Glory Be, and then the Serenity Prayer.


I pray on and off morning, afternoon and evening, both formal and informal/free form Prayers as well as just ‘talking’ to Him.


No. Both formal and informal prayer have their place in a
well-developed prayer life. You might want to read St. Teresa of Jesus, especially Way of Perfection.


Not meant to offend, but when life is so hard that one can not find the words for spontaneous prayer these memorized prayers can help us through.


Very, very much.
Sometimes words just fail us…

I’ll pray when I wake up, before meals, driving the car and before bed.
Right now there’s somebody in my life I’m struggling with. The idealistic and high-minded me wants to see them in Heaven. The bad and mean part of me wants to see them slip on a banana peel. So whenever I think of them, I ask for God to pour blessings on them , and I repeat it until I (at least sorta) mean it.
This technique does work, but it takes a while.


Chat to Him all the time. Pray ‘formally’ ie our father etc before bed and when I get up and at work as part of communal worship (Catholic school)


The Jesus Prayer is really a nice thing to say during the day and is a quick thing to say throughout the day.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”

When I’m at college I go to daily mass everyday and pray a Rosary everyday at 3pm and the divine mercy chaplet everyday at 6pm


Depends on your lifestyle. Working a full time job does not leave a lot of time for prayer, so short prayers during breaks and such. On weekends formal prayer and meditation.


I don’t see how that’s condescending. It’s just a simple theological fact that verbal prayers are the lowest level of prayer, and an important one to get started.


I find prayer vital in my relationship with the Lord. I like to write my prayers down as I am listening to meditating worship music (search Julie True on youtube).

I pray often, I don’t count how many times, but I know its a lot, but I live for the Lord and will communicate to him always, all day.


I pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus every morning. Even if it’s a quick invocation if “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust you today”

And life is busy so if I can ever fit it in, I try to say a rosary.

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