How often do you pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints, Jesus, etc?


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Am I the only one to find this thread title very disturbing?

Including the name of Jesus after the Blessed Virgin and the Saints seems to be placing Him on the same level and almost as an afterthought.

And I don't pray to the BVM or the saints, I ask their prayers. Yes, I pray to Jesus. A totally different relationship. They shouldn't be jumbled in together, imo.


Its just a thread...its not that big a deal...I am sure the OP did not mean any disrespect to Jesus.


Daily; as often as I can remember which is a lot but can always be more


Every day:

[LIST=1]*]Chaplet of St. Michael in the morning, as soon as I wake up if possible (sometimes I oversleep :blush:) but no later than after 8am Mass.
*]Chaplet of Divine Mercy, at 3pm if possible, any other time before evening if not.
*]Rosary in the evening.[/LIST]
Other prayers, chaplets, novenas and litanies throughout the day; the exact ones change seasonally. July is my busiest prayer month because my priest goes on vacation then. While he is away, I spend about an hour total per day in prayer just for him and his intentions, asking God, Mary and the saints to keep him safe during his journeys and give him rest, rejuvenation and spiritual enrichment. When he's around, I still pray about a half hour daily at a minimum for him alone. He has a lot on his plate, and having me as a parishioner is quite a cross in and of itself :o So this is the least I can do for him.

But I digress.


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