How often do you read Scripture?


How often do you read the Bible? Every day? Every week? How do you go about it? One chapter at a time in order? Verses picked at random? What ways have been effective for you?


Every day.
Usually from youtube - good recitals of books.

Yesterday - for example - I read Psalm 119 - that’s 15 minutes.
And Ruth - and Galatians -

You - have to find out - what’s effective - for yourself.
Your always changing - and see things a certain way -
You sometimes have to search out - what applies to you - at any given moment !


Almost every day (trying for every day). Right now, I’m reading one or two chapters a day, in order, from the New Testament.


Every day, for about half an hour. I’m trying to read through the Bible from cover to cover and I’m in the book of 2 Chronicles right now.


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