How often do you read the Bible?


And how much do you usually read at once?


Every day. There are wonderful plans out there on the Internet for daily reading.


Daily, my mornings begin around 5am...I sit with a cup of coffee and study and read for 30-45 minutes before I get ready for work.


I do the daily readings in my bulletin along with other Christian literature.


Daily, but not according to any plan. Usually I'm looking for something in particular; other times I just flip to whatever strikes me at the moment. I use a cheap bible that I can mark up with highlighters, pencils and stickytabs.


I try for daily.
I have three devotionals I read from, a mother's devo, my Lenten devo and reading through "the imitation of Christ" :)

~ PetiteFoi


I usually read a little bit every day. I am going through the Catechism right now so I'm getting a good dose.


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And how much do you usually read at once?


Outside of Mass, I read it once or twice a week, at least. How much I read depends -- if I'm truly engrossed, I can read for hours, but I prefer to concentrate on a few paragraphs.


I read it every night before I go to bed, which is usually around 1am or 2am for at leat 15-30 min plus the lenten devotional now. I start from the old testament and go all the way through the new testament. I`m on my 3rd reading. I read at least one to three chapters daily.


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