How often do you say the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

How often do you say the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

Once per day during the morning commute, sometimes in the evening, and on “special occasions” when a little Divine Mercy might be of assistance!

At least once a day and sometimes more depending on the need.

Morning, 3pm, sometimes evenings or when I get an urge to pray it for a particular person.

Sometimes God wakes me at 3am and I know He has someone He wants me to pray for. :slight_smile:

Once each day–in the evening right after my St. Michael Chaplet and right before my Rosary :thumbsup:

I like routines :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome that you pray the St. Michael Chaplet! I also do that once per day! Good for you!

Thanks I saw this and said huh??? :confused: This was not something they taught me in RCIA. I found info on how to say on and and will compare. The one form ainglkiss has a more detailed diagram. I figure if the words and prayer orders are the same I’ll use the ainglkiss one. Don’t ou just love the Catholic church always something new to learn

say it as often as possible for the souls in purgatory and dying sinners on earth.:blessyou:

I have been saying it once/day for about a month now. Unfortunately I am not as bright as some, so I have to read the prayer done on the “Our Father” beads and the prayer at the end. Maybe I will have it memorized one day. It would be great to be able to say it where I want to, instead of only when I can read it…

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