How often do you say the rosary?


Recently it’s been once a day for me. It’s such a special prayer, isn’t it?
What about you? Do you make it regular?


I’m glad you started this thread, I was going to but never got around to it.

I don’t pray the Rosary regularly at all. I’ve probably only prayed it about a half dozen times in the five years I’ve been Catholic. But it is my goal to pray the Rosary regularly and then more frequently. I was thinking about scheduling to pray the Rosary on the first weekend of every month then every other weekend then every weekend and so on until it is regular and frequent. But I admit I haven’t prayed the Rosary since having this thought - although I have prayed the Divine Mercy (a new found love of mine).



It is a very powerful devotion, and once I started saying it daily, I realized how much I need to say it everyday.

My next goal is to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day - another powerful and needful devotion.


I joined the Legion of Mary to make a promise to myself (and our Blessed Mother) that I’d say it more often (daily).

Once I made that promise, I found it a difficult one to keep. To help, I started with a CD that I play in my car to and from work. My commute is long enough that I can usually get 5 decades in before I get to the babysitter.

Weekends were tougher, w/ my DD tugging on my pants every 5 min, 20 min of rosary is tough. I have attached parts of it to parts of my daily routine. Opening prayers in the shower. A decade while I brush teeth, do dishes, make beds, clean grout, fold laundry, etc. I do a 1 hail Mary/decade rosary w/DD before bed every night along w/ an explanation of the mysteries. There are great online rosaries too.

I strongly recommend praying it in front of the tabernacle or, if you can, the exposed blessed sacrament. V. powerful, life changing stuff!

God Bless!


Once a day, usually in the morning


I try to say it often, but of late I have been lazy about it. I am trying to get back into a routine, things were better when I was saying it. I also like saying the Chaplet of St. Michael.


I say it every night…it brings a calm to my hectic day:)


I don’t say it enough.

Mother Mary, help me to put down whatever I’m doing and give a little bit of time to praise you!



I try to say it daily. I joined the Confronternity of the Most Holy Rosary at Christmas in 2008.You wouldn’t believe how I have felt their help in my life. Also someone at the Eucharistic Chapel I go to once a week left a prayer you say with it for 9 days (a novena), I have the prayer but I don’t remember who the Virgin Mary gave it to, it was a woman in South America. It goes like this…Our Lady’s Promise He who says this prayer during nine consecutive day’s, together with a rosary, will recieve a very special grace from me. Prayer: Father, deliver us from all evil. With your Holy Wisdom Lord, save us from all sin. In the name of all those who love you Lord, lead us on the right road. Amen


I just got mine recently so I was excited yesterday, and said it twice. :smiley: But I think I’m going to go for once a day. I feel good after saying it.


Lately I’ve been trying for daily. I’m going to look at the Legion of Mary for help, thanks for the suggestion!


I pray the Rosary every time I get in the car. I keep the music/radio off and pray. I am blessed to be able to pray all twenty decades to and from work. It eliminates road rage and annoyances from other drivers. It is difficult to get mad with the Gospel on your mind and prayer on your lips.


daily when I do my morning walk, recovering from bad knees so only up to 2 sets of mysteries, hoping to get back to full 4-set rosary as I rehab


AMEN! :amen:


Almost daily. And the days I don’t make time for it I definitely feel a difference.


Seldom - maybe once every month or two. My mind wanders so much, I wonder if it does any good at all.

I try to attend Mass daily, though, and also to say Morning and Evening/Night prayers.


I try to say the Rosary a few times a week, but I really need to set aside the time and say it everyday. I feel so much more calm and relaxed afterward. :signofcross:


9:30 pm est - Mother Angelica and her Nuns on EWTN. Be there :wink:


Daily since 1995. It is too powerful and important to miss (even though it happens but rarely.)


I pray the rosary in the car on the way to work. I am trying to pray on Sat and Sun also…

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