How often do you sin?


How often do you sin?

i am a terrible sinner


Living is mostly a sin when we are not in the service of God and in prayer.
Its very difficult sinning while you in prayer:):):):):):):slight_smile:


*I am a poor soul … and every day I pray to God …“Oh, Dear God have mercy on my soul!”


Let me put it this way;

I can clearly see that I would be sinning merely by answering your question. :o


I sin each day and almost each hour. I am the worst sinner in the world. But I know that as often as I fall, so as often do I rise, and if I did not fall I would not be able to rise with Jesus, through Jesus, and in Jesus, who Himself bore my sins and fell during His bitter Passion. I constantly offend God and because of my sins I will go to Hell. But God’s Mercy is greater than my misery, and I must learn to trust in Him - and trust in Him more - because He wills my salvation and I ought to will this as well, for in the Our Father we pray: Thy Will be done.


depends on the day and if i am stressing over things or if i am a bit angry.

i get tempted through the roof. every 2 minutes there feels like temptation mostly with my thoughts


Are we talking about mortal, venial, or both types? I frequently sin against charity, mostly in thought, but too often in words. Gossip. Complaints/griping. General aggravation.


My dear friends

I don’t think it wise to discuss your sins publicly. Its good to acknowledge your a sinner and the greatest if yo wish but you should not get specific. You can talk about sins, but not yours. Asking general advice is good but keep your sins for an appropriate forum like confession, spiritual direction or your examination of conscience. We should not focus too much on our sins as the way to overcome them is to increase the good in us. We should increase the good. Something I must do most of all. That’s my opinion.

God bless all and pray for me:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I still can’t do polls :frowning: But far too often

See lines 15 through 20
If the “just man” sins seven times a day as quoted in Proverbs 24 then unless we consider ourselves better than the biblical just man, we sin a minimum of seven times a day.
I am assuming the “just man” commits venial sins.
The unjust man/woman is probably too proud to admit they even sin. The sin of Pride is so powerful that it can keep the sinner away from confession. The more humble a person is, the more they are aware of their need for confession.

Lucifer was damned because of his sin of Pride. He sends his troops out daily to stroke our egos and tell us how great we are. :mad:
“Come on…one little sin isn’t going to hurt! After all, you are so much holier than all those self-righteous people who go to church. They are so stupid to think church is going to help them get to heaven. Follow me. I know that we are all “gods”. The ‘enlightened ones’ know that new age secularism teaches that we are all our own god. You are one of the intelligent modern thinkers…forget about church and sin. Self-love and Pride are the goals for those who are so much smarter than those old fogies who still believe in sin.”


I agree completely. Thank you John.


I agree and thanks was just looking for that quote in scripture.

– Cadian :knight1:


The more often I go to confession, the longer my list of transgressions seems to get. :shrug:


I agree with John. We all acknowledge that we’re sinners. But to get specific, in a public forum isn’t a good idea. :nope: Save the specifics for your priest, in confession.

May God bless you.


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