How often do you spend time in the Real Presence?


I can’t spend as much time with Jesus at the Real Presence as I would like because there is no Exposition in my area at this time :frowning: & the logistics of traveling very far are not always “conducive” .

I wonder why more people who DO have access to Him that way don’t avail themselves…?? :confused:

I would like to know if you know about / appreciate the benefits of spending time with Jesus There… I was raised CAtholic but never taught about such things until a good priest directed me several years ago. It was the best Gift I have ever been given…

God bless…


I love it, also, and am also living in an area right now where Exposition is not done. What I learned to enjoy is sitting with the Blessed Sacrament, within the Tabernacle, tho’. I would prefer it Exposed, however He’s there one way or the other. I have difficulty with the online Adoration chapels - I don’t know why, when it’s obvious they’re live but …:confused:


Not often enough…:frowning:


:nope: Not as often as I should. I would like to be able to go once a week outside of Mass, but traveling there is hard.


we have adoration once a month at my church but that still isn’t enough


was going once a week to a neighboring parish, but road construction has made that all but impossible (round trip mileage is doubled and over roads I don’t want to traverse after dark). So I visit our reservation chapel daily, and we have a Holy Hour and Benediction once a month (once a week in Lent and Advent). These are very sparsely attended, so I am addressing with parents and children in sacramental preparation the Real Presence and Adoration specifically and emphatically. Priest is doing his best from the pulpit, but, well whatever. excuses excuses. on-line is no better than looking at a photo, in my estimation.


I try to go to my church during lunch on Mondays. Usually I am the only person there and it is nice and quiet.

Our cathedral has First Friday Adoration from 10am to noon, which is great, as I work across the street.


I go to daily Mass and follow it up with about 30 minutes of adoration before the Tabernacle. The Eucharist does not have to be exposed to get the same benefit.


on line adoration? hmm… never heard of that…


if i was there all day every day, it wouldn’t be enough… :slight_smile:


yeah,it’s really online


the souls in Purg are There… so i feel a big difference when Exposed… it seems Exposed kind of “takes over”… so the souls (and me) are not suffering so much… or something… it is kind of mysterious what i am trying to say & every time is different, depends on waht i’m going through @ the time and all that…



Yeah, and here’s another link to my favorite one

See what you think, tho’.


I hate to high jack the thread, but could someone explain to me what this means? I’m in RCIA and haven’t learned this yet.


Sure, are you wondering about what the Real Presence is? Or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament? Or Adoration? Or…?


Um…yes (to everything)?

I think my confusion comes from my understanding that the Real Presence is transubstantiation…

Please help!

Thank you.


OK. In/at the Consecration, Jesus becomes Present - Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. As long as the accidents (the bread and wine) are superficially present (eg. nobody has ingested them and they have been dissolved) His Presence continues to be in those accidents, no matter how small the piece. After the Holy Communion, whatever accidents remain are placed in the Tabernacle (the beautiful box-like recepticle on the altar - sometimes with a curtain around it). A person can go into a parish church at any time (as long as the door is unlocked, that is), sit/kneel in the pew, and be with Him, there. Exposition is when the priest places a consecrated Wafer/Jesus in a monstrance (like these)
and a person can Adore Him visually, also. There is a brief liturgy associated with this (“Benediction”).

Well, I imagine I’ve made things as clear as mud.:eek: Maybe someone else will give it a try? Also, if you ask about this to Fr. Serpa in Ask an Apologist, I’m sure he’s answered this question a million times and might be clearer.


Actually, you made perfect sense. Thank you so much for clarifying.


Jesus is there everyday in the tabernacle. As a previous poster stated, the Blessed Sacrament does not need to be exposed to get benifit from sitting in adoration.


I have to agree with this.But,also,whether it is my own imagination or not,when they break out the Eucharist at Communion,…I can feel the change.The first time I attended a Mass(before I converted)I literally balled like I had never balled before.I knew I had broken Gods heart.And I didn’t even know about the Real Presence.As a matter of fact,I wasn’t even sure if I believed in God.

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