How often do you usually attend weekday Mass (non HDO)?


Do you attend weekday Masses?

Occasionally (less than once per week on average)
More than once a week
Daily (except Saturday)
Daily (including Saturday)

Why or why not?

I try to average 1-2 times per week. I am able to attend at the 11 AM or Noon Mass at nearby parishes, or an evening Mass on the rare occasion. The morning/noon Masses are generally held at the same churches daily, and the evening Masses are scattered throughout the diocese (one will have it on Monday, another on Tuesday, etc etc). I have gone 3 times in one week; Monday with my BFF who was in town, Wednesday on my way out of town for travel (as well as confession, which I always try to do before traveling), and then at the Basilica in the town I was visiting.

I like to attend during the week, personally, as they are more ‘solemn’, and I truly do get as much, or more, out of them. I particularly like the option of confession during the 30-45 minutes before or after Mass. My husband tries to attend at least once a week as well; he often works in a nearby college town where Masses are held at all hours of the day. I personally wouldn’t mind attending a late evening Mass sometime (it’s called the Last Supper, not the Last Breakfast, as I heard a priest on the radio mention recently!).

It has really helped my own spiritual growth, and we are blessed to have these easy opportunities to do so. Whether I would be able to do this if it was only at 6 AM…not as often as I should, that is for sure.


Rarely/Never, because I am in school! :o


My church offers any early morning Mass daily. So I am able to attend Mass daily before I go to work.


To the best of my ability, I go every Monday night to a Purgatorial Mass.:smiley: Sadly, it is the only weekday Mass my parish offers on a regular basis. :frowning:


Used to go once a week on Tuesdays, but a job change made going to weekday Mass very difficult so it’s almost never now. :frowning:


Rarely/Never since I have had kids. It is just really hard to get them out to 8am Mass on days I am not working. (I work occasionally, and then it is impossible, since I have to leave at 6am).

When I was in college I used to go more regularly (except in the winter when I was skiing). They had a 5pm Mass, that I would go to after choir rehearsal. It was one of the perks of going to a Catholic college, even if it wasn’t a very orthodox school.


What is “non-HDO”?


I have been going on Fridays for over a year now. We also have Eucharistic Adoration afterwards. I’m hoping to start going on Wednesday also. They are the two days we have Mass since our priest has a second church and he also has a Mass at a nursing home during the week. I have only missed a few times.


I wish I could attend! But all the daily masses near me are late enough that it interferes with work. I wish someone would offer a 7am mass.


Non-Holy Day of Obligation


Occasionally, because I have had the ability to go over the summer, but until I can either convince my parents to allow me to attend Mass, or find someone who I could go with, I can’t attend Mass for at least the next year and a half. :frowning:


But, I work at a parish.



Me, too.

I don’t actually attend non-holy day Masses very often.

But, like you I work at the parish. So I “hear” Mass pretty much every time I am at work.


I kept meaning to over winter break, but my sleep schedule was thrashed to pieces and I couldn’t get up in time for 8 AM mass.
Also, it seemed like every single day there was something going on.
Maybe over summer vacation I’ll try to get to daily mass a few times :slight_smile:


every single day :slight_smile:

but i’m a seminarian so its required of me :smiley:


Altar servers never got extra stars by their name for daily Mass. The 6th grade nun gave us some strange reason why she didn’t think it (the stars) were appropriate. The reason was “The boys HAVE to be at their posts.” :frowning:


Rarely/never. To be honest, I can only think of one time I have been. Mass before a Eucharistic procession around my college campus.


you will get extra grace by going to daily mass that is all that matters. :slight_smile:


Wish I could go to daily Mass, but I live in a pretty unchurched community and work full time. Mass time here is only for the retired and not employed.


I’m in a similar situation. I go to a Saturday morning mass occasionally. I’m hoping I can get back into going once a week other than Saturday soon.

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