How often do you watch YouTube and what do you watch?

I read the DrumBeat at The Oil Drum and the news feed at , I am somewhat stressed out as it reminds me that there is a high possibility of a die-off. After that, I usually spend about 20-40 minutes a day watching 5D’s, GX, and the the original series episodes. (Most of the stuff I watch is not even in English although some of it is subtitled, but I could understand Japanese on my own.)

I usually like to indulge myself in fantasy sometimes, and I am addicted to those shows for about 5 years.

So what do you usually watch on YouTube?

I was looking at this one this morning.

Ten years ago, I reviewed the full 50 minute video and was looking for a link to it. And found the brief clip on YouTube.

I used it in an article I just submitted a few minutes ago for publication.

I go there for the music. Music videos, concert performances, that kind of stuff.

I don’t. I only watched a few times on some videos recorded by my parish. Many of stuff on youtube violate copyright, and I don’t want to be part of it.

I can’t name all the stuff I watch on UTube.

80s videos

Baby boomer TV shows, like old westerns

Scenes from moives

Interesting interviews with newsmakers I mighta missed

Motorcycle stuff

Videos about Catholic Faith, even anti Catholic stuff

and the list goes on.

Music videos, movie clips and concert videos. So cool seeing obscure stuff pop up there (Genesis live in '73 w/Peter Gabriel - not to be missed! :smiley: ).

I enjoy steam locomotives, so I watch a lot of videos of trains. :smiley:

I tend to watch vids made by Catholic apologists refuting fundamentalist myths. Heck, it was one of them that got me interested in this site in the first place. :smiley:

I also keep an eye on the videos made by a group of wack street preachers that have invaded YT. They have another site elsewhere that allows you to download original videos so if they uploaded something new, it almost always shows up there as well. I download their material in order to parody it and show these loons what I think. XD


On the other hand, like you, I watch a lot of anime as well. I also watch a ton of AMVs plus full versions of anime op/ed songs. Stuff like that inspires and can really get my creative juices flowing. :wink:

To those who don’t know what an AMV is, here’s a good example

Will it blend? Who knows why but it’s fun watching iPhones, glass marbles, tv remotes & other assorted items run thru a blender.

Father Jeffery – check him out, better yet, subscribe.

I used to check out Stephen Colbert’s “the Word” feature but Viacom made Youtube pull everything from the Daily Show & Colbert Report.

I was able to watch all the Doctor Who series 4 episodes usually the night after they aired in the UK instead of waiting the 3-4 weeks before they aired here.

I also have seen Catholic videos on JPII and a couple of Catholic hymns.

Nostalgiacally, I’ve looked at alot of old Osmond videos, classic tv commercial videos and old cartoons. My nephews were freaked out as I pulled up all my favorite sci-fi cartoons like Prince Planet, Marine Boy and Astro Boy as I sang along with the theme songs that were still imprinted in my brain.

I also like to watch Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris and other Christian music videos. I’m a hopeless romantic and like watching Elizabeth Benett/Mr. Darcy and Harry Potter/Ginny Weasely music videos.

There’s also classic Christmas songs from Bob Hope, Perry Como, and Bing Crosby Christmas specials.

Oh yeah, he’s a nice guy. He also makes some interesting comments on all the happenings in popular media. :slight_smile:


Mostly I go to watch music videos of bands you can never see anymore!!! But I don’t go there much overall…old TV theme songs as well!

I usually watch music videos and movie trailers. I also like to sample movie soundtracks and new country music. Sampling them helps me to decide if I want to purchase the CD.


I find youtube a mine field of filth and garbage…sorry…I do. :shrug:

The music videos are excellent, mainstream comedy is good, but basically youtube is a trash can imho.

I don’t like browsing youtube, because it is so easy to come across really borderline Adult material and unless I have a direct link, or something specific to search I stay away.

How often do I view you tube? Never. Its insipid and useless…

We’re pretty eclectic viewers. I’ve found black & white tv shows from the 50’s and 60’s to show my kids; we LOVE to watch Weird Al videos; Billy Joel, Queen, Elton John, and ABBA music videos.
As our computer is in the kitchen, one daughter will DJ music on YouTube and dry while the other washes the dishes.
The Beatles are the current rave around here right now.
We’ve watched Fr. Corapi’s talks, seen miracles from Medjugorje, and listened to Pavarotti - in short, we use YouTube for all it’s worth to us!:smiley:

I enjoy listening to and/or watching some of the great legendary opera and recital singers from the early 20th century to today. There are also some great masterclasses. It’s a great learning tool for young singers like me - especially watching the live recitals.

My husband and I also like to find pieces of choral and other classical repertoire that one may not be able to find in recordings. Also, when some of my wedding clients would like to hear what certain pieces sound like, you can send them a link to listen. (There are a number or organists who record themselves playing various hymns or organ works.)

Otherwise, I don’t really watch it for much else.

Well sure; but it beats TV. Lately I’ve been watching some old Loudon Wainwright videos.

Not much…just old school music videos, or artist interviews mostly. Oh and some UFO/Conspiracy stuff too. Gotta love it!

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