How often Does a Priest Read the Sunday Gospel


We have quite a few deacons at my parish so it is a rare Sunday Mass when we don’t have a deacon (who is not also a priest) present. As a result it is a unusual for a priest to actually read the Gospel.

(Weekdays are different story.)

What about at your parish? Who reads the Gospel on Sundays?


We have two priests and one deacon.

I have only seen the deacon read occasionally.


It’s about half-and-half. Sometimes the deacon proclaims and delivers the homily, sometimes the priest.


We have a small church, no deacon, so our priest proclaims and gives a homily.

I have attended large churches where the deacon proclaims the gospel, but the priest always gave the homily, Is it “legal” for the deacon to give a homily?


Yes a deacon may give the homily. Our deacons generally preach about once a month. But I’m not sure if those homilies are always for Sunday liturgies.


We don’t have a deacon, so our priest always reads the gospel. I believe that it is the job of the deacon to read the gospel, if one is present.


About 50/50 at our Church. We have two priests and two deacons. If there is a deacon present than he reads the gospel. The priest always gives the homily at our church.


Two Priests, two Deacons. Deacons get one Sunday a Month to give the Homily. Deacons will however read the Gospel, when in attendance, though the presiding Priest gives the Homily.


It is the responsibility of the deacon to read the gospel if one is present. Since we began living in Rome, we have had the privilege of attending several papal masses. A deacon always reads the gospel (no shortage of deacons here!), or in some cases chants it. Very impressive.


4 priests and 6 deacons. There is always a deacon present during Mass and they read the Gospel. The priest will do the homily.


Two priests, two deacons. Five Sunday Masses.

It all depends on which Mass you attend. Saturday night? 90% of the time you hear the priest. Mid morning Sunday? 90% you hear a deacon. :shrug:


I go to a small parish. There are no deacons so the pastor reads the Sunday Gospel every week.


This is my understanding also. We have our deacon 1 or 2 times a month. He gives a homily once a month. When we had a seminarian intern, Father has him read the Gospel when the deacon was not there. Otherwise, it is always our pastor.


Are the Deacons in Rome Deacons in the traditional sense( studying for the Priesthood) or are they permanent Deacons?


A deacon is a deacon is a deacon. In the traditional sense, a deacon is a man who has received the sacrament of Holy Orders to the diaconate. In the traditional sense, a deacon is ordained for service to the Christian community. St. Stephen, St. Lawrence, St. Ephrem and St. Francis come to mind immediately.


It is the role of the deacon to proclaim the gospel wgen he serves at a mass in accordance with the GIRM. How often he preaches depends on the pastor.

Deacon Frank


Even if the pope were present, it is the privilege of the deacon to proclaim the Gospel – as can be seen when a papal Mass is televised from Rome. Preaching the homily at all Masses once a month is average in our diocese for deacons.


One priest and one deacon. The deacon always reads the gospel, but never preaches.


We have a priest and three deacons. The priest preaches at most every Mass. The deacons preach at the early morning 7 a.m. Mass and the Spanish 11 a.m . Mass one or twice a month.

The weekend that the deacons were off on retreat, the priest commented about how spoiled he had gotten with three good deacons.

Things might change as we now have a priest “in residence.” His main ministry is to the two hospitals in town. However, he has agreed to say one or two Masses on the weekends.


Lucky ducks! :smiley:

Large parish - no deacons, 1 priest.

Though we have had two of our parishioners ordained in the last few years :slight_smile:

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