How often does your parish offer confession?


I need to go to confession and, at my parish, it is only offered on Saturdays. I won’t be in town this weekend though so might have to just go to confession in the town I’m visiting. I don’t understand why confession is only offered once per week. There are hundreds of people at our parish. There is also a TLM in my town. There are about 50 people or so that attend there last time I went but they offer confession every single day 30 minutes before Mass aside from Thursdays when they can’t hold Mass. What about you? How often does your parish offer the Sacrament of Penance? Thank you in advance for your answers.


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Our Parish lists confession three times a week.


30 minutes before every Mass plus extra time on Saturday is the typical for parishes around here. That hasn’t always been the case, though, and I can remember when it was Saturday only.


6 days a week. Monday to Saturday.

No time for Confession on Sundays because we have 10 Masses every Sunday.


Scheduled confession times:

  • Territorial parish: three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for a total of two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • ICRSS: four times a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for a total of three hours.

(I cite both because I’m just as much a part of one as I am of the other.)

In addition, confession is possible in the parish after every weekday Mass (Monday through Friday; nine Masses in total) upon request and before every Mass at the ICRSS churches—there are five—seven days a week upon request (twenty Masses in total). Both also accommodate confession by appointment.

If I just can’t go at any of those times, I know of a church that offers confession six days a week for 2½ hours each day, another that offers the sacrament daily for at least an hour, and there is daily confession at the cathedral for at least an hour and a half. All of that is within 9½ miles (15km) of my home.


What made your parish change to more confession times?

One of the parishes I go to have everyday throughout the week from 5:15-5:45 pm.

My regular parishes all have confession on Saturday afternoons, and a couple of them also have a second time slot for confessions on Saturday morning.

When I need to confess during the week, I use MassTimes to find churches with weekday confession times. Based on what I see on MassTimes, the vast majority of churches have confession on Saturday. Some churches have confession on one weekday in addition to Saturday. There are a handful of churches, primarily city cathedrals and those churches run by religious orders, that have daily confessions.

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We contact the priest… In a few weeks you might get an appointment 3 months from now… So book in advance!

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Call the office and make an appointment.

Around here, most churches offer confessions on Saturday, but Father will always make the time if he is asked.


We only have it Saturday here, though it used to be on Thursdays as well.

In my opinion, its not really acceptable. Priests have an obligation to make themselves available for arguably their biggest responsibility. Everyone in the parish who isnt free at 230pm on saturday needs to wait another weak? Not cool.

My old parish had confessions a half hour before mass, which was nice.


So call the office and make an appointment.

Priests are spread thin around my parts, and spending 30 minutes to an hour in the confessional everyday is not an option.

That said, I have never had a problem asking for an appointment.


Then perhaps phone your priest, explaining that you will not be able to go to Confession this Saturday, and arrange a time when he can see you, or call round to see him.

30 minutes before each of the three morning Masses M-F (two morning Masses on Saturday), one hour before and a half hour after the Saturday evening Mass. That schedule has been in place as long as I’ve been a parishioner (30+ years).


My Parish is the Diocesan Cathedral. They have Confession on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Saturday morning. It’s like the church thinks everyone works Monday to Friday. If there is a wedding or something there won’t be confession and you have to wait weeks for one.


My parish offers confession Wednesday and Friday morning, and Saturday morning and evening, or by appointment.

As others have said, call the pastor to schedule an appointment if need be.

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Saturday afternoon, Friday morning, anytime by appointment.

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Before and after each Liturgy


I don’t mean to be too critical, as I don’t really know what priests do every hour of the day, but I find it hard to believe that they can’t find the time to squeeze in 30 minutes to hear some confessions. It’s not like we’re talking about them finding time to do some recreational reading, this is a critical part of their job. IMO that’s like saying “sorry everyone I’m too busy this Sunday to conduct mass.”

IMO, I’d rather they cancel the Saturday all together and do a half hour before mass. seems like the best time to me. It’s at just the right time if you aren’t currently able to receive communion, and (I know this from experience) if you go to mass and see some people lined up, or see the priest come out of the confessional, it makes you think “hey I should show up 15 early next week I haven’t gone to confession recently enough”. And not enough people are going to Confession. Plus it’s the guaranteed time the priest and people who might want to confess are gonna be in the same place, so convenient for everyone.

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