How often during a week do you attend mass?

As i mentioned in another forum section, i was really heartbroken yesterday as i had to put the food fasting a bit on hold in the last period of Lent, after advices from my confession father.

I also mentioned this to a friend (he is christian, but not really a church attending one) and he asked me how many times during Lent i have been to mass and i told him like it was: each day up to yesterday.

Yesterday was an exception as i felt sick, was coughing and did not want to infect anyone else, at least not the priest. And well, i had a bit of an emotional blackout too.

My friend made it sound like i`m crazy in the same tone as a suicide bomber or like Jim Jones. But how can it be bad to attend mass regulary, be obedient and get a good habit worked in?

Medically, i have been unwise yes and realize that. But is attending mass regulary a “crazy thing” to do? This has maybe something to do with that i live in a protestant country where most people dislike the Catholic Church a whole lot too.

I need your opinions. How often do you attend mass during a week?

no you do not need our opinions in this or any other spiritual discipline you have resolved upon. Nor do you need the advice of friends, particularly those who are not Catholic or not churchgoers. YOu said you have a spiritual advisor in your priest confessor. There is no value therefore in consulting anyone else.

I attend Daily Mass occasionally. Sometimes it seems like I’ll go every day for a month. Sometimes I go months…or even a year…only going on Sundays/holy days. Unless your scrupulous our under religious obedience, Daily Mass should be something that you do when God leads you.

That beign said, when I have small children, I hope to go to atleast one Daily Mass. They’re shorter and a week is a long time for a small child, so they forget…it can be beneficial to get them to understand. Plus, if they talk/whine it’s alot easier to correct them without the eyes of 1,000 other parishioners. Anyway, my point is that it is good, but it has to be “commissioned by God” in your heart.

I attend usually one weekday may in a week, that is mu TLM.

Also as a prayer I let my computer to read me the text of the mass every day, that is usually the 1967 version.

The only day I don’t attend Mass is Saturday. I see mostly the same faces at Daily Mass and I am sure some attend on Saturdays when I don’t.

We live in the country and our parish priest is retired, so he only offers mass on the weekends and other celebrations (not daily mass). We go every single chance we get. At least weekly, every single opportunity, and participate in the late night mass offered on EWTN. I agree with puzzleannie in that you really don’t need advice per se. But I and the others who did respond are here to encourage you as the scriptures exhort us to do. I know that every Sunday is a day of obligation, but for us, it’s another opportunity to worship, to adore, to praise, to thank, to delight in, and to highly exult God. I did go to daily mass when I was injured and out of work for a time. The graces you receive are beyond compare. Frequent private adoration before the Tabernacle is another life-altering abyss of graces. I wouldn’t worry what your protestant friends say. They just don’t understand. We do. I think, personally - go to mass. Go as often as you can. Go to the fountain of mercy. Let nothing hold you back. And rejoice that it is not yet illegal or impossible to find a mass in our county. Seek Him while He may be found. And be at peace. If you are participating in a mass, it is because the Lord has called you to it. May the Lord heap HIs blessings, peace, grace, and abundance upon you and delight your soul with His overwhelming glory. St. Padre Pio said, the world could exist more easily without the sun than without the mass.

I go daily too. Be pleased with how weird you are as a Catholic! Christ blew everybody’s mind too, and they couldn’t handle Him. Live in imitation of His example of craziness :slight_smile: and then being so countercultural will just be that much more fun. Strive to be holy, and the world will shun you, either like the martyrs were, or in softer social ways like you are now. I believe they call that the white martyrdom? :slight_smile:

Either way, good for you for striving to go daily! Keep it up :slight_smile:

I attend Mass every day to receivethe Eucharist so that Jesus can be with me at all times. My husband died a number of years ago and my children and grandchildren live far away. I was very lonesome until I attended a one-day retreatr at Vallombrosa, a retreat center close to San Francisco. The program that day was about the Eucharist, and it was given by Fr. Ron Rolheiser. The priest was so profound that I made a promise to myself that I would go to Mass daily so that I could rfeceive the Eucharist. Believe me when I say this, it is the one and only thing that keeps me going. I suggest to everyone that you might read a book by Fr. Rolheiser – he is fabulous!!!

I typically go once a week, on Sunday. At most, three days a week. I admire the faith of those who hear Mass daily, but balancing Sunday Mass, regular and active prayer, Eucharistic Holy Hour, Stations of the Cross, social ministry events, a career, and a horrendous commute can be exhausting.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I have so much on my plate that my health suffers (which it does, from juvenile diabetes and other ailments), I don’t lose sleep over not attending Mass daily.

As my regular confessor told us once, remain faithful to the Word of God, but don’t grasp for salvation. Rather, trust that He will grant it on His own accord because He is loving and merciful to those who follow Him truly.

I normally attend mass once per week. Last year, and this year, I have been attending daily mass during the time of Lent. I really enjoy it, and honestly, wish I could do it year long. The problem I run into is the summer months, when job, family and other responsibilities don’t allow me the time I would like for it.

I’m hoping, after Lent, to start attending at least 3 times per week, including Sunday obligation, as, again, I just feel good when I do! :slight_smile:

I’m usually able to go every day, but normally I go Saturday evening and Monday-Friday.

I definitely there every Sunday morning, and I try to get to daily mass as often as my family and professional responsibilities allow me.

Some said earlier in the thread, that i should listen to my confessional father and so i did. It is nice to see that there are more people than just me that attends mass several days a week.


If it’s weird to attend daily Mass, then be weird! Daily Mass is a wonderful tradition and we are truly blessed who have it available. What could be better than participating in the Holy Sacrifice and receiving Our Lord daily?
I’ve been going to Mass every single day for several months now. I dread the day, someday, when I am prevented from going at all. I realize not everyone has a realistic opportunity to go to Mass daily, but if you do, take it!

I started waking up 30 mins earlier, going to 6:30 AM Mass at the Church that is about 2 blocks from my school, Mass lets out at 7 and I just drive on over to school. I’ve been going every day. The only times I missed was once it was storming really badly and I didn’t want to drive in that horrible weather in the dark.


i work with a lady who thought i was weird for going to mass every morning…until i brought it to her attention that on my way to that mass each morning, i drive past her walking her dog through town at the same time rain or shine…religiously, you could say…hehe

i elaborated to her that the only difference between her and i was that from 8:30 to 9am each day, i am inside the church commited to God, while she’s outside commited to a furry four legged creature who can neither talk or reason, and in the rain no less…

so who’s really the weird one i asked…she was as quiet as a church mouse,pun intended :smiley:

God Bless

When I was working I only went on Sunday mornings. When I lost my job in November, I started attending daily mass 3x a week plus Sunday mass. My daycare Mom had to have surgery so she is not able to watch my daughter until after Easter so we have only been to 1 daily mass in the last 3weeks however I still attend Sunday mass. My daughter is a very active 3yr old and I found that I spent so much time trying to contain her and keep her quiet during daily mass that I didn’t get anything out of the experience and was simply exhausted from the stress of controlling her, so I stopped going to daily mass. When daycare reopens after Easter, I will resume daily mass while still seeking a job

No, attending Mass every day is not in any way a ‘crazy thing’… :slight_smile: the Saints attended Mass often, the Popes have encouraged it… it’s actually encouraged by the Church :slight_smile: since the Mass is where we receive the most graces, it makes sense to go there as often as we can. In fact when I mentioned to my priest the idea of going to Mass daily, he said it’s a good idea. Mortification might have a limit depending on some things (circumstances, health, motives, etc) - but going to Mass does not.

God bless :slight_smile:

I go every day. I used to take my then 4 and 5 year old every day with me as well, until he started kindergarten. My second grader goes four times a week, including Sundays. Both of my boys are coming to see the wonderful graces afforded us in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. So, NO, I don’t think it is odd that someone would want to go every day. The sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist give me life. Who wouldn’t want that?

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